BATMAN by Michael Allred

Michael Allred’s stunning, disctinctive style gives us an awesome take on the Dark Knight, joining the Batman Black & White line-up. He’s about 7 inches tall and rendered, as they all are, monochromatically, adding some dramatic, classic flair and making it the perfect addition to your bookshelf.

Frank Miller’s BATMAN Black and White

The Batman Black & White Collection has just received a classic as they add Frank Miller’s take on the Dark Knight. No matter what, it’s undeniable that Miller changed the game for Batman, so it’s fitting to see his version of the character given its due here.

The statue measures just over 7 inches tall and makes a perfect addition to your display shelf. Grab it now!

BANE by Kelley Jones

Kelley Jones’ take on BANE is a brilliant, exaggerated take on the muscle-bound supervillain. Hopped up on venom, he’s the latest addition to the Batman: Black and White series and pays a fitting tribute to a villain whose recent incarnations in both film and comic book pages have been incredibly strong and incredibly memorable.

Statue measures approximately 8.75” high x 7” wide x 5” deep.

Batman by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway

Fan-favorite Sean “Cheeks” Galloway displays his unique artistic vision with this new statue from the Batman Black and White line of collectibles.

With his dynamic, angular character designs and brilliant stylization, Cheeks is easily one of the most exciting new artists out there, so it’s cool to see him join the pantheon of DC artists whose renderings of the Dark Knight have joined the Batman: Black and White collection. It’s a must-have for fans of the artist or the hero and measures 7.75” high x 5.75” wide x 5.5” deep.


Look out, Bat-fans!

You can now pre-order the new variant edition of Mike Mignola’s entry to the Batman Black & White collection. Standing at about 8 inches tall, this striking rendering of the Dark Knight bears the heaviness and angular quality that sets his art apart. The stark shadows and dimpled-stone design elements make this on of the best B&W statues yet– order now and it’ll be sent your way in February.


DAVID FINCH brings his unique style to the latest BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE statue in our growing collection! Brought to you by DC Direct, the Black and White series strips the colour from the Dark Knight and presents an individual artist’s vision, drawing together some of the best-known, most talented creators and designers currently working.

This cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 6.5″ high x 6.75″ wide x 5.25″ deep, is painted in monochromatic tones, features a Bat-logo-shaped base and is packaged in a black and white box.

Patrick Gleason’s BATMAN BLACK & WHITE

Patrick Gleason creates a rough, tough Batman for the growing Batman: Black & White line of gorgeous monochromatic statues. Cold-cast porcelain, this rendering stands measures approximately 7.75″ high, is 5″ wide and 3.25″ deep. Perfect for display, the statue also features a Bat-logo-shaped base and is packaged in a black and white box.

And a bit of info on the designer: Patrick Gleason is a comic book artist. Among his credits are the 2005/2006 miniseries Green Lantern Corps: Recharge. He has also worked on such titles as Aquaman, JLA: Welcome to the Working Week, JSA, Noble Causes, H-E-R-O, and X-Men Unlimited.