Ride the nostalgia wave with the Batman Classic 1966 Batcave playset

Batman’s taken over this week at CmdStore, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Check out the Batman Classic 1966 Batcave playset, a six-inch release by Mattel that celebrates one of the most iconic hideaways in comic-book history. Colorful retro styling and a load of fun accessories means there’s so much to explore. A Bruce Wayne head and Batman figure will let you play out the duality between the superhero and his civilian identity.

Set pieces include the iconic swiveling bookcase with its hidden weapons and Batman spray, red-hot Batman phone, Shakespeare’s bust that conceals the bookcase and electronics’ switch, plus other legendary Caped Crusader tools. Click the image below and make him yours!


Batman as imagined in Injustice: Gods Among Us

It’s about time that the 2013 fighting game dreamed up by NetherRealm designers and DC writers is done justice with its own figurines. Here for January of 2015 will be the irreplaceable Batman, a 6-inch creation by Japan’s elite collection syndicate Tamashii Nations. This  deluxe Batman figure — besides coming fit as ever to enact vengeance against the forces of Gotham’s wicked, as per usual — includes two kinds of interchangeable hand parts, two Batarangs, a Bat-Grenade and a grapple gun. All the better to prove that he’s just as badass as Superman. Oh, and did we mention that this year is the Batcave-dweller’s 75th birthday? Looking pretty dapper, old guy!

(Tamashii’s Joker from Injustice: Gods Among Us will also be available for preorder shipping in January 2015.)

Who else could summon their own swarm of robotic bats? Skills.

Who else could summon their own swarm of robotic bats? Skills.