Artist Bryan Hitch interprets Batman for the Black & White statue series

Channel the classic spirit of one of the world’s most well-known and most-loved superheroes with this novel product from DC Comics. This is the Batman Black & White statue by Bryan Hitch, a great new addition to the Black & White statue series and a definite must-buy for the dedicated Dark Knight aficionado or aficionada.

He’s captured mid-leap, balancing with one hand atop the bat-logo base and the other wielding a Batarang. Sculptor Clayburn Moore adds his artistic capabilities to this six-inch masterpiece. Grab it quick — it’s only being made in a limited run of 5,200!

Slide into your girl's DMs like

Slide into your girl’s DMs like

NECA’s 1989 video-game Batman rides the 8-bit nostalgia wave

So what’s so special about how Batman looked in 1989? Well, besides the obvious fact that anything in 8-bit is infinitely more rad than whatever’s out there in the 21st century, this Batman was made especially to recall Michael Keaton’s performance in the iconic movie. It’s the sixth figure in NECA’s 8-bit video game character series, and we think it’s about time! Give the gift of nostalgia these holidays, wrapped in a seven-inch-tall package with 25 points of articulation.

He comes with a removable cape, a Batarang and a Spear Gun. Side-scroll away with a deco paint job that looks just like the original game’s cell-shaded aesthetic. A window box replicates the ’80s gaming feel and allows you to display Batman in a great-looking way. Nab him now.

Batman might look like he just stepped out of the '80s, but the caped hero's legacy is timeless.

Batman might look like he just stepped out of the ’80s, but the caped hero’s legacy is timeless.

Batman as imagined in Injustice: Gods Among Us

It’s about time that the 2013 fighting game dreamed up by NetherRealm designers and DC writers is done justice with its own figurines. Here for January of 2015 will be the irreplaceable Batman, a 6-inch creation by Japan’s elite collection syndicate Tamashii Nations. ThisĀ  deluxe Batman figure — besides coming fit as ever to enact vengeance against the forces of Gotham’s wicked, as per usual — includes two kinds of interchangeable hand parts, two Batarangs, a Bat-Grenade and a grapple gun. All the better to prove that he’s just as badass as Superman. Oh, and did we mention that this year is the Batcave-dweller’s 75th birthday? Looking pretty dapper, old guy!

(Tamashii’s Joker from Injustice: Gods Among Us will also be available for preorder shipping in January 2015.)

Who else could summon their own swarm of robotic bats? Skills.

Who else could summon their own swarm of robotic bats? Skills.

Super Alloy Batman by Jim Lee

The new design of the Dark Knight is rendered here as a 1/6 scale figure, built with 85% die-cast metal alloy and featuring a whopping 50 points of articulation!

Featuring the amazing New 52 design by Jim Lee, the 12-inch figure features a detachable and poseable fabric cape, a grappling gun and a Batarang, as well as a magnetic gargoyle statue perfect for posing.