Time-warp back to 1966 with the DC Premium Collectible Batgirl

She’s the paragon of power and perfection. Here from Diamond Select Toys is the DC Premium Collectible Batgirl 1966 statue figure, showcasing one of the greatest heroes to ever grace Gotham City. She’s the first full statue in the Batman Classic TV Series line, making her awesome debut in 12 inches of gorgeous, colorful detail.

Actress Yvonne Craig is depicted as the indispensable ally of Batman and Robin. Sculpted by the legendary Clayburn Moore in her distinctive purple-and-yellow crimefighting costume, this resin statue of TV’s Barbara Gordon stands atop a Bat-logo base. Click below to learn more!


Ame-Comi: Batgirl and Catwoman Revamped!

Two new Ame-Comi figures have arrived from DC Direct, showcasing a pair of the company’s leading ladies, BATGIRL and CATWOMAN. These items are variant recolours of the original figures from the line.

CATWOMAN is first up and she is clad in a futuristic version of her costume, which combines the cape of the early purple/green dress and the goggles of the Cooke design with armor elements, a slightly ineffective looking top and a tail last seen in Tim Sale’s version of Selina. No matter what, this baby blue outfit looks pretty cool and gives a good alternative to fans seeking something different.

BATGIRL is another recolour, but this time she’s going back to her roots. Perphaps unsurprising given the recent interest in Barbara Gordon and her return to the cowl, this Batgirl is coloured in the original black and yellow and looks great–though one wonders why her normally vibrant red hair didn’t get the same effect. It’s interesting to see Batgirl again like this, though it’s difficult to imagine how we’re all going to say goodbye to as inspirational and powerful a character as Oracle.


Newsarama just posted an image of the new, rebooted BATGIRL and she’s a familiar face: Barbara Gordon, the true original!

Reviews of the relaunch are mixed (you should definitely read this thought-provoking article “Oracle is Stronger Than Batgirl” for a perspective you may not have considered), but it seems that it’s what we’re in for and at least we have Gail Simone writing. If this had to happen, it’s good that it’s in her capable hands.

Of course, the original Batgirl never quite went away and if you’re a fan of her as she was or…well, as she will be, then you can always grab one of these awesome 13-inch DC Direct doll figures, too! They’re available in the black you see below, or with a grey fabric.

Ame-Comi Batgirl Recolour!

On the heels of the Catwoman variant post, here’s a look at another pre-order, coming in June 2011…

A new black and yellow Batgirl variant is now available, featuring the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl (gotta love the original) in her classic colours! She cuts a striking figure as she stands proudly above Gotham, ready to take on the world and all the madness and mayhem its villains offer!

The Ame-Comi collection has managed to create some really cool alternative costumes for the women of the DC Universe (plus Batman, the lone male in the line) and it’s a good chance for artists both well- and lesser-known to experiment with something new and get their creations out there in the world. If you’re a fan, be sure to check out the complete Ame-Comi collection to snag your favourite characters!