Round out your collection with the One Piece Sculpture Urazoukeio Series Sanji static figure

This is one especially for anime fans and collectors. Check out this One Piece Sculpture Urazoukeio Series Sanji static figure from Banpresto, standing seven inches tall and depicting him mid-kick. Own the Straw Hat Pirates cook for your very own as designed by sculptor Mr. Yamaguchi.

We’ve got One Piece Paulie, Doflamingo and Jeans Luffy, too! Order them by clicking on the image below.


Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan Trunks arrives in statue form from Banpresto

The legendary character from the well-loved anime is here in a new format. Check out the Dragon Ball Z Chozousyu Series Super Saiyan Trunks statue, a five-inch release from Banpresto rendered in durable PVC.

As a teenager, Trunks flourishes under the tutelage of Future Gohan, leading him to become a skilled warrior swordsman and a Super Saiyan. He holds his own in the epic battle against the Androids and has great success as a fighter. We’ve also got TenshinihanBeerus, Super Saiyan Son Goku, Vegeta and Yamcha from the same series, so don’t delay — click on the image below to start!


Naruto and Sasuke jump right out of Boruto: Naruto the Movie

If you’ve ever invited a cutie over for “Naruto and chill”, this one’s for you. (And we know there are more of us out there.) Introducing the Boruto: Naruto the Movie DXF Vol. 2 Naruto (pictured below) and Sasuke figures from Banpresto, a must-cop for any anime fan on your list.

Crafted in remarkable detail, these six-inch renderings of the much-adored protagonist and his arch-nemesis are two of Banpresto’s most detailed sculpture figures to date. They’ll be shipped to you in designer collector’s boxes, too. (All marketing goals aside, can we talk about how fantastic that cape is?! Definitely a #look.)boruto-naruto-the-movie-6-inch-sculpture-figure-dxf-vol-2-naruto-pre-order-ships-sept-2015-3.gif

Channel the Rebirth of F with this DXF Series Piccolo statue

This is an exclusive offering that will entice avid readers of manga. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Dragon Ball Z releases that you can see and feel in bound format, you’ll be stoked on this guy. Here is the DXF Series Piccolo PVC statue, with an aesthetic based on manga put out this year.

Banpresto brings us the infamous green demon in six-inch form, making him fit right in with your other Dragon Ball Z and manga collectibles. Goku’s archrival stands menacingly with arms crossed, resplendent in a flowing, white cape and iconic royal purple pants. Place your order now on!

Style goals.

Style goals.

#nofilter and #nomakeup: Sailor Moon Prop Replica Transforming Compact Deluxe Set

The legacy of everybody’s favorite teenage warriors of the solar system continues. Now, you can own a realistic piece of the eic anime with Banpresto’s Sailor Moon Prop Replica Transforming Compact Deluxe Set!

These five radiantly colored and meticulously designed compacts recall the accessories the Sailor Scouts used to bring justice to the intergalactic realm and eradicate the forces of evil. Even Tuxedo Mask would be jealous, because these clever compacts are just so darn awesome.

#nomakeup #nofilter

#nomakeup #nofilter

Let the Rebirth of F Super Saiyan Goku join your Dragon Ball Z collection this summer

Someone should tell all of the hipsters walking around with blue hair that Goku did it first. Always the trendsetter, Dragon Ball Z‘s protagonist Goku has made the anime an indispensable part of the lives of scores of fans for decades now. And if you can’t get enough Dragon Ball Z in your life (and let’s be honest, who really can?), this one’s for you.

CmdStore is proud to introduce this Super Saiyan Goku from Banpresto’s Deluxe series, based on the upcoming Rebirth of F film experience. Dragon Ball Z author Akira Toriyama will be joining the writers’ team on this movie, and so it’s sure to be unforgettable. Get a piece of the action in advance with this beautifully boxed six-inch offering.

Hair game level: Teenage girl on Tumblr.

Hair game level: Teenage girl on Tumblr.

Banpresto’s Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan highlights the Master Stars Piece Series

As he famously uttered in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, “You think you can waltz in and just take our planet. But you forgot one thing: I’m my father’s son!” Gohan definitely inherited his courageous defense instincts (and his thunderbolt-like mop) from his father. But this Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan is much more than meets the eye!

A new Dragon Ball Z release from Banpresto’s Master Stars Piece series, this guy may be eight inches tall, but he’s a titan. Banpresto has pulled out the stops concerning color and detail with this figure. Don’t delay and get your order in now if you consider yourself a connoisseur among anime collectors!

Hair goals.

Hair goals.