The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series will keep your loose change safe

This isn’t an eerie grin only a Harley could love. Get your hands on this Batman: The Animated Series Joker bust bank and level-up the way you store your nickels and dimes. Wanna save up for that island getaway or see what all of that beer-bottle money could really amount to? The Clown Prince of Crime has got you covered.

He stands six inches tall and is rendered in vinyl by Steve Varner studios, featuring a coin slot on his back and a hidden access door to keep pranksters’ grubby little fingers out. Order him now by clicking on the image below.


He’s one ugly money-saver: Predator Unmasked piggy bank now on

Some may say that this is a face only a mother could love, but we adore him all the same. Here is the Predator Unmasked piggy bank, another fantastic offering from Diamond Select Toys. This bust measures in at seven inches tall and will be a delightfully gruesome addition to your shelf space.

He’s captured in his rawest state, protective and at the ready to defend at all costs. With his mandibles out and shoulder cannon positioned, he’ll make sure no one dips their sticky fingers into your spare change stash! Insert coins and remove them via a hidden access door on the base. The grimacing design by Eli Livingston makes this bust collectible-grade.

Would swipe right.

Would swipe right.

Harness the power of the X-Force with the Deadpool bust bank

Stare deeply into his eyes. Let’s be honest, haven’t we all wanted to share an intimate gaze with the inimitable Deadpool? Being the witty master of sarcasm that he is, he would probably make fun of us for that, which makes us adore him all the more.

Here’s the Marvel Collectible X-Force Deadpool Head Bust Piggy Bank, a new rollout from Monogram that’s made specifically to give a loving home to all those coins clinking around in your pocket. I wonder who would win if you challenged him to a staring contest?

That gaze, though.

That gaze, though.

Add the Incredible Hulk from Monogram to your Marvel bust bank collection

The next time you’re trying to scrounge up a few quarters for that corner-store candy craving, don’t make a beeline for the couch cushions — rely on the Incredible Hulk! Whether it’s taking out bad guys or amassing enough coins to do your laundry for a month, you can count on him.

Here is the lean, mean, green, coin-swallowing machine, also known as the Monogram Marvel Collectible Incredible Hulk bust bank. A hidden “door” on the bottom grants you access to your treasure trove of nickels and dimes. Put him on bedroom-shelf guard duty now!

Green is the new black.

Green is the new black.

Marvel’s Loki in bust bank form direct from Monogram

You’ll immediately recognize this supervillain’s infamous stare when you behold the Marvel Collectible Loki bust bank from Monogram. Boasting a height of seven inches and featuring Thor’s adoptive brother posed in a sturdily pensive position, this is about to be your new favorite place to store those loose quarters (aside from under the couch cushions, of course)

Here, he jumps off of the comic-book pages of your most well-loved and dog-eared Marvel selections. He’s a necessity for the genuine comic lover.

Booty had me like...

Booty had me like…

Start the summer off right with this vintage-style Godzilla bank

Diamond Select Toys have been all about their line of full-sized vinyl kaiju figures lately, and the most recent addition to that line-up comes in the form of a monster who will help you save up for that next tropical getaway! Here’s introducing Mechagodzilla’s number one nemesis, the fearsome 1974 Godzilla.

Toho’s now-classic film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla merits a bit of celebration with this 12-inch-tall and 18-inch-long bank, featuring a back coin slot and a removable tail that cleverly conceals the access door. Don’t be tempted to dip into your stash before you’re ready to book that flight to Cancun, though! Preorder the King of all Monsters for July delivery straight to your home today.

This bank goes harder than Nicki's verse in "Monster".

This bank goes harder than Nicki’s verse in “Monster”.

Coming in July: My Little Pony’s Pinkie Pie bust bank!

Get ready for an extra-sweet dose of Pinkie Pie, the loveable lady Earth pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Pinkamena Diane Pie is gregarious and outgoing, a symbol of the element of laughter. What better reminder of happiness and the wonders of joy than this cheery, bright-pink pony?

Take a look at this Diamond Select Toys bust bank, a super-special rendering of Pinkie that can store your spare change! She is set atop an environmental base with a coin slot. Waving hello with one hoof and balancing herself on a pony-sized cupcake with another, Pinkie Pie will help you save up for anything cute and/or lovely. A Sugarcube Corner employee and faithful roommate to her pal Gummy, Pinkie Pie is as adorable as they come. Preorder her for July delivery today!

*"Pony" by Ginuwine plays in the distance*

*”Pony” by Ginuwine plays in the distance*

Back in stock! Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Stay Puft bank

You asked for it! Here’s a reprise of the wildly popular Marshmallow Man coin bank, where the soft, sugary madman himself has been transformed into something both practical and eye-catching. Perch him on your favorite shelf alongside your other Ghostbusters collectibles — no one will know that he’s hiding your secret stash of laundry money or helping you save up for that weekend getaway.

The Marshmallow Man stands 10 inches tall and sports a maniacal grin, bent on destruction. Honestly, a spooky apparition has never looked so adorably disarming. So, who ya gonna call?

All white everything.

All white everything.

Harness the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to protect your loose change!

Another collaboration between toymakers Monogram and Marvel is here! The legendary Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold six of the “soul gems” or Infinity Gems, and it represents a combination of powers that allow its wearer to do whatever they desire. Originally possessed by the ancient Elders of the Universe, the crazed Titan Thanos then snatched them up. At first, they were ruled as too dangerous to use together because of the massive amount of capability held within them, but when the Living Tribunal law against them was lifted, it was game on! Whether time travel or endless manipulation of space is your game, the Gauntlet can make its wearer totally omnipotent.

Now your spare change can be guarded by the mighty force of the Gauntlet! This piggy bank stands seven inches tall and is the perfect size for hanging out on a shelf or in a treasured spot alongside your other Marvel collectibles. Own it now.

Infinity Gems are forever.

Infinity Gems are forever.

The New 52 Green Lantern will look fierce and keep your change safe

From manufacturers Monogram comes this six-inch-tall bust bank! The New 52’s revamped rendition of the iconic DC star Green Lantern is shown here flexing and turning slightly to the side, fist clenched. He’s ready to contemplate his next move and dole out justice all at once. From the very first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, in 1940, to the 2011 re-working of the legendary jewel-toned superhero, this guy is an absolutely crucial member of the DC Comics roster. This bank will be shipping out in January, but you can reserve it now! Display this bust and use it to save up extra change for your next figurine — a statue, perhaps?

Taking the Green Lantern Oath to heart.

Taking the Green Lantern Oath to heart.