Breaking Bat : BANE AND BATMAN

The Dark Knight Rises featured a number of truly iconic scenes, but this one probably takes the cake. Bane “breaking” Batman was one of the moments that we were all anticipating, but could still scarcely believe when it came.

Now, the folks at DC Direct have recreated this brutal sequence as a 1:6 scale statue. It’s one of the most impressive-looking statues DC Direct has ever made and one that’s sure to make a great addition to any Bat-fan’s display.


Built to scale with the 12-inch Batman figures, the Tumbler Batmobile is an amazing rendering of the design made famous by Christopher Nolan’s stunning Batman trilogy. A pre-order shipping out in November, the Batmobile is an incredibly 29 inches long and demands as much attention as it does display-shelf real estate.

Detailed Cockpit
Roof panel slides open to allow access for Sixth Scale Batman
Movable braking flaps
Headlights feature light-up function (Requires Three (3) AAA Batteries – Not Included)


An Armored version of Batman joins Bane, Victor Zsasz and the seductive Poison Ivy in the second series of Arkham Asylum toys. You can order them now since they’re arriving in a matter of days and you can expect them to be just as brilliant as the first wave.

Each one is about 6 or 7 inches tall and the level of detail is stunning. If you enjoyed the game, you’re going to love the way these figures bring those CG designs to new, plastic life with accessories and great articulation on all counts.

As you await the release of Arkham City, this is a great addition to your display shelf and might help make killing time until October just a little bit easier.

ARKHAM CITY: This Ain’t No Place for a Hero

The first official gameplay trailer for Arkham City has been released and it’s a stunner! Check it out:

Of course, while we wait for the game to be released, some of us are also waiting for the companion figures that make up series 2 of DC Direct’s ARKHAM ASYLUM collection.

Batman, Poison Ivy, Victor Zsasz and Bane can be pre-ordered now, individually or as a set. They’ll be shipping out in May of this year, so while there’ll still be plenty of time before Arkham City hits shelves, maybe these 6-inch figures will make the wait just a little bit easier…

Build-a-Bane: DC Universe Series 16

DC Universe Series 16 is here! Though we are still waiting on a shipment of Mercury and Classic Robin (Modern Robin’s already here), the rest of the figures are together and ready to go if you order individually. You’ll find The Riddler, The Creeper, Mercury, Jonah Hex, Modern Robin and Azrael Batman. You can also pre-order the complete set, Mercury or Classic Robin and we’ll be sure to get ’em out to you the moment they arrive.

Standing about 6 inches tall, each figure represents an iconic member of DC’s superhero/supervillain pantheon and makes a great find for any fan of the amazing universe the comic company has created. Plus, bring ’em all together and you can create a big, bad Bane! Truly awesome.

Arkham City News and Arkham Asylum Figures!

As announced by, CALENDAR MAN is the latest character to be confirmed for the upcoming ARKHAM CITY. Here’s the story and a first look at his design!

We got what was thought to be our first look at Arkham City’s Calendar Man at the end of last year.

But, with the Rocksteady design looking a bit chubby and generic goon-like (except for the distinctive tattoo around his head) we couldn’t be sure back then that the spotted character wasn’t just a Calendar Man thug.

A new image attached to a short Calendar Man bio, however, has emerged on the internet seemingly confirming the design.

It’s already been confirmed that Calendar Man will feature in Arkham City with script cues that will be activated according to the time in real life. More specifically, if you visit the criminal at his cell during any real-life holiday, he’ll have a natter with you about the crimes he performed on that day.

And there’s more good news! We’ve just gotten our shipment of 6-inch DC Direct figures based on Arkham City’s awesome predecessor, Arkham Asylum:

The first series includes Batman, Joker (with Scarface), Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, each rendered brilliantly by the talented artists at DC Direct. They capture the look of the game perfectly. The next series, which includes the likes of Poison Ivy and Bane, will be available in May and are pre-orderable now!