Bakugan Tournament 2010

bakugan-gundalian-invadersFor the past three years, Toys on Fire has been running Bakugan Tournaments for the Ottawa area children to enjoy. All the way from Series 1 we’ve been supplying a place for the best Brawlers in Ottawa to compete against each other. And we’re proud to say that this will continue as long as our faithful contestants keep supporting us. With the help of the community, we’ve had 9 successful tournaments in the past! We want to thank you guys very much for your support.

So without further ado, we announce Toys on Fire’s TENTH BAKUGAN TOURNAMENT! Thats right! This tournament will follow the same format as our last one, except with some slight modifications. We will be having 2 one and a half hour tournaments, one for the beginners players, one for the intermediate and advanced players. Each tournament will be taking 8 players maximum. So here’s the scoop:

What: Toys on Fire Bakugan Tournament X

Where: Toys on Fire, 130 RioCan Ave, Unit #3, Nepean, ON K2J-5G4, Canada (Event only held in Ottawa….not Montreal)

When: Saturday May 1st, 2010

Bakugan Tutorial: 11:30AM – Not sure how to play? Want to learn the rules? Show up a little before the Beginners Tournament and our judges will help you out.

Beginner Tournament: Noon (12:00PM) – 1:30PM (Max 8 Players) – First time playing or too young to read? This is the tournament for you!

Intermediate Tournament: 2:00PM – 3:30PM (Max 8 Players) – Got a good handle on the rules? Know your way around the brawl arena and maybe a few tricks? You’ll feel the challenge in this league.

Registration Fee:

Early Bird Registration (Pay before April 17th): $4

After April 17th: $5

And here’s what the minimum you’ll need to bring to participate:

  • 3 Gate Cards (1 of each colour. The colours are bronze, silver & gold)
  • 3 Non-Special Evolution Bakugan
  • (Advanced only) 3 Ability Cards (1 of each colour. The colours are blue, red and green)
  • (Optional) 2 Support Bakugan (either Bakugan Battle Gear or Bakugan Traps)

NOTE: If you plan to use Special Evolution Bakugan or Bakugan Battle Gear, Don’t forget your Blue and Purple backed reference cards!

Ok….if you can’t make it to the event, you can always play at home with your friends.  If you need to buy some good bakugan creatures, you can always shop at:

bakugan tournamentbakugan tournamentbuy now

Bakugan Tournament: Bakutrap Rules

BakuTrap Bakugan

We’re been getting asked how Bakugan Traps are going to work for the tournament, so we figure it’s time to let everybody know. here are the official rules taken from the website itself:

3.01: What is a Bakugan Trap?
Normal Bakugan are round and they roll. Bakugan Traps are not round. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes like football, pyramid, coin, cube, drum, and tetradecahedron.

3.02: How many Bakugan Trap can I use in a game?
You can use up to one Trap in your unused pile at the start of a game. It goes in with your three Gate cards, three ability cards, and three Bakugan.

3.03: How do you play a Bakugan Trap?

You may play one of your Trap during a battle as long as the Trap and Bakugan have the same attribute. For example, if you are using a Pyrus Bakugan in that battle you need to use a Pyrus Trap.

To play your Trap during a battle, take it from your unused pile and drop it onto the Gate Card engaged in battle. When it opens up you will see one or more attribute symbols revealed inside it. You will now change the attribute of your Bakugan to any one of the attributes printed inside your Trap.
Some Bakugan Traps have one hidden attribute symbol. Some have two hidden attribute symbols or more.

Only when you’ve run out of Bakugan in your unused pile and are about to roll should you move your Trap back to your unused pile.

Also included with your Bakugan Trap are their very own ability cards. When you combine the affects of the Trap with the affects of their Ability Cards the power can be devastating.

3.04: How come some Traps have a repeated attribute? Does it do anything special?
Traps with duplicate attributes printed on them do nothing extra special. They work the same as a regular Trap.

Okay, so those are the complex rules of how to use traps, but for those who still don’t understand, just follow these simple rules:

1. You don’t roll the traps.

2. Traps are played like ability cards that are used during a battle.

3. Traps have to be the same colour as your bakugan in the battle (you can’t use traps on other peoples bakugan)

4. Traps change your colour to one of the other colours (indicated by the symbols on the trap)

There you have it folks! If there are any other questions, feel free to post an question in the comment box below.

Happy Brawling!

Some pics of our Bakugan Tournament this past weekend….yeah, it was fun!

My Favorite Bakugan

Cmdstore - The Action Figure store

Working in a retail toy store requires a lot of patience. Usually parents drop off their child in our store and then we have to be a daycare for the next hour or so while the mom is shopping or getting her hair done. Don’t get me wrong….I love kids, I just like to tease them a bit. The number one Bakugan question the kids ask me when i work at the store:

What is your favorite Bakugan?

MY ANSWER: So many to chose from….they are all like my children. How can you pick one over the other? How can you love one more than the other?

Now, I do have a tendency to always play my Black Darkus Hydranoid in Bakugan tournaments (he’s my secret weapon). I also have a liking to my Red Preyas (pictured below). So…which one is my favorite…..mmmm

Red Preyas Bakugan Loose High G-PowerWait, I do not love one of my Bakugan more than the other. It doesn’t matter if one is wonderful and the other is a little two-headed devil (with a High G-Power rating), they are all my children and could not even dream of making a comparison to them. I think that is incredibly selfish, the Bakugan creatures will notice and might resent each other for it. That just isn’t fair to either bakugan and I need good Karma when I play them!

Yeah…the kids usually don’t get my sense of humor.


Being in the retail toy business for so many years, it is really important that parents take an active part in their child’s interest. Play board games together….it is a great way to be a close family. Don’t let them hide in their rooms playing computer/video games. I paid a visit to a friend’s home the other day and noticed that every member of the family was on their own computer typing away (except for Mom…who was on her CrackBerry). What is happening here? Does anyone see it? Anyways, I am starting to rant….sorry. Let’s get off this subject.

Below are some pictures from our last Bakugan Tournament in early November/2008. It’s really great to see the parents supporting their kids. It was very noisy and extremely fun. I don’t have another tournament date yet. Stay tuned.

Bakugan Tournamentbakugan tournament

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