Bakugan Tournament 2010

bakugan-gundalian-invadersFor the past three years, Toys on Fire has been running Bakugan Tournaments for the Ottawa area children to enjoy. All the way from Series 1 we’ve been supplying a place for the best Brawlers in Ottawa to compete against each other. And we’re proud to say that this will continue as long as our faithful contestants keep supporting us. With the help of the community, we’ve had 9 successful tournaments in the past! We want to thank you guys very much for your support.

So without further ado, we announce Toys on Fire’s TENTH BAKUGAN TOURNAMENT! Thats right! This tournament will follow the same format as our last one, except with some slight modifications. We will be having 2 one and a half hour tournaments, one for the beginners players, one for the intermediate and advanced players. Each tournament will be taking 8 players maximum. So here’s the scoop:

What: Toys on Fire Bakugan Tournament X

Where: Toys on Fire, 130 RioCan Ave, Unit #3, Nepean, ON K2J-5G4, Canada (Event only held in Ottawa….not Montreal)

When: Saturday May 1st, 2010

Bakugan Tutorial: 11:30AM – Not sure how to play? Want to learn the rules? Show up a little before the Beginners Tournament and our judges will help you out.

Beginner Tournament: Noon (12:00PM) – 1:30PM (Max 8 Players) – First time playing or too young to read? This is the tournament for you!

Intermediate Tournament: 2:00PM – 3:30PM (Max 8 Players) – Got a good handle on the rules? Know your way around the brawl arena and maybe a few tricks? You’ll feel the challenge in this league.

Registration Fee:

Early Bird Registration (Pay before April 17th): $4

After April 17th: $5

And here’s what the minimum you’ll need to bring to participate:

  • 3 Gate Cards (1 of each colour. The colours are bronze, silver & gold)
  • 3 Non-Special Evolution Bakugan
  • (Advanced only) 3 Ability Cards (1 of each colour. The colours are blue, red and green)
  • (Optional) 2 Support Bakugan (either Bakugan Battle Gear or Bakugan Traps)

NOTE: If you plan to use Special Evolution Bakugan or Bakugan Battle Gear, Don’t forget your Blue and Purple backed reference cards!

Ok….if you can’t make it to the event, you can always play at home with your friends.  If you need to buy some good bakugan creatures, you can always shop at:

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BAKUGAN returns on the Cartoon Network!

Though it is all too common for kids’ shows to go off-the-air before their time, ending without a real resolution, the entertainment world does seem to be realizing that even younger audiences are demanding quality follow-throughs for their favourite series’. And in response to that, we’re pleased to say, new episodes of BAKUGAN have now begun on the Cartoon Network!

Entitled Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, the second season sees new characters teaming up with old to form a new resistance and take on the evil Vexos Organization! Fans will no doubt be thrilled with the new storylines, but on top of everything, this season will introduce the Bakuneon!

And if you number among the uninitiated, never fear! We’ve got everything you need to get up-to-speed on anything and everything related to what still seems to be the hottest toy trend! Check out some of our previous Bakugan articles to learn more about. . .

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and much, much more!

And if you’re just looking to grow your collection of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, then look no further than the massive Bakugan Section over at our online store! Here are some quick links to our entire line!

Bakugan Vestroia 2009 Season 2 Releases (Part Deux)

Bakugan Battle Brawlers
As promised here are more pictures and names of some brand spanking new Bakugan Vestroia.   Some are available from our online store and some have not been released yet.  You can always check the website for any updates on new releases.  Be the first in your school to have the newest and most powerful bakugan!

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Ok…now I have to plug the store…Yada, yada, yada….you can buy it here:

We are currently running a Bakugan Contest.  Wanna enter and play….click the image to win a Bakugan Training

Bakugan Battle Training DVD

Do you want some background information on the Bakugan Battle Brawler Cartoon TV show?   Curious about what all the fuss is about?  Read my background info on Bakugan and the plot synopsis for the TV show. I also included a list of the main and secondary characters from the TV show. Buckle up, Click the image below and…..Take a crash course on Bakugan!