Favorite Build-a-Figure (BAF) Marvel Legends

Best Hamburger

What is the best Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure ever released?

Tough question….very tough! Personally I always liked the Blob character from Uncanny X-Men. He’s big, bad and loves to eat Hamburgers! I also like to eat hamburgers too…..so BLOB is my personal favorite.

Blob Build-a-Figure BAF Marvel Legends

My second favorite BAF Marvel Legends is Red Hulk (this series was an exclusive to Target stores). Red Hulk likes to “smash” yet he loves his yellow pokemon friends. You’d think he likes RED….but nooo, he’s sick of RED. Hulk loves YELLOW!

Red Hulk Build-a-Figure BAF Marvel Legends

Spotlight Figure: Camo Punisher Nemesis Marvel Legends

Punisher War Zone Teaser Movie Poster

One of my favorite Marvel Legend figure is from the recent Wal-Mart Exclusive Nemesis Series: Camo Punisher.  He looks like one tough cookie (well, maybe cookie is not the right word).  With a name like Frank Castle (A.K.A. The Punisher)….Cookie is definitely not the word that comes to mind!  Check out that big-ass weapon…whoop!

Camo Punisher Figure

While surfing around I came across a really cool  site with pictures of  toys in action poses.   Check out the site at: www.toyrewind.com

Camo Punisher in Jungle Photo