Add Azrael and Professor Pyg from Batman: Arkham Knight to your collection

If you got into the 2015 action-adventure game from the Batman franchise, you’ll be pretty hyped on this one. Here’s the Batman: Arkham Knight Azrael, a six-inch figure from our pals over at DC Comics. Like his intense and mystical-sounding name suggests, he’s a stealthy assassin divinely recruited to work on behald of the cosmic powers that be.

Fun fact: The name “Azrael” signifies the Archangel of Death in Hebrew and Sikh lore. If that wasn’t gloomy enough for you, he comes in grey-and-black window box packaging to add an element of darkness to your shelf. (And we’ve got Professor Pyg from the same game, too.) Hit the image below to check him out!


Arkham City Series 3

The THIRD series of Arkham City toys brings six new figures with it. Take a look:

Batman, the Penguin, Ra’s Al Ghul and Azrael are joined by two Clown Thugs (knife-wielding and bat-wielding) in this latest wave, which you can purchase as a complete set or as individual figures– if you prefer to pick-and-choose. Each one is about 6 inches tall and all of them look incredible, featuring the highly-detailed look that made the game’s designs so memorable.

BATMAN REBORN: Four New Figures

It’s been a weird one. Grant Morrison’s always slightly out of left field in his comics writing, but when it comes to Batman, the whole RIP/Reborn/Return saga has definitely been one of the strangest arcs ever to hit Gotham city. Which has, of course, led to the new line of toys being some of the strangest DC’s ever made under the Batman name.

Each one stands about 7 inches tall and has the smooth sculpting that seems to be DC Direct’s trademark lately, low-detail but high-definition, which gives each one a great iconic look that seems ripped from the comic pages. The first series has just arrived and you can pick it up right here!





Set of ALL 4 Figures

Batman Reborn: New Pre-orders!


Okay, I won’t lie: as a Batman purist, I couldn’t stand Battle for the Cowl or anything that came with it. Not the constant presence of Damien Wayne, not even the Black Casebook. Nothing.

I’ve never liked opening the world of the Dark Knight to too much ridiculousness or soap-opera style death and undeath (except in the case of Ra’s al Ghul, of course). But despite my feelings on the matter, Morrison continues to push ahead with all this and DC Direct has released the first series of non-Batman Batman figures under the name BATMAN REBORN, where everyone who isn’t Bruce Wayne gets a shot at being Gotham’s protector.

Sigh. At least the sculpts are done well. They all stand about 6 inches tall and come with relevant accessories. They do not, of course, come with the 3-D glasses that the Harvey-Dent-as-Batman costume would seem to demand!

Personally, I tend to think that when former Robin/Spoiler Stephanie Brown’s action figure look is the least garish of all the options, it’s time to bring back Bruce! …Or maybe just Darwyn Cooke. He could fix this.