A Transformers exclusive: Reserve your Combiner Wars Deluxe Class figures!

CmdStore is excited to announce two special, early-release figures from Hasbro — Quickslinger (shown below) and Brake-Neck!

Don’t let his mental complacence fool you, because what Brake-Neck lacks in intellectual prowess, he makes up in courage and speed. Ready to transform into that tell-tale white cruiser, he’s about to join the ranks of the Combiner Wars battle and rev up for crushing foes and taking names. The Cybertron native Quickslinger does exactly what her name implies, being a veritable force to reckon with inside the ranks of the Autobots.

Both figures stand six inches tall, ideal for joining your other Transformers Generations toys. Don’t let your collection go incomplete!

Quickslangin' rocks.

Quickslangin’ rocks.

Transformers Combiner Wars adds Voyager Class

We mentioned how stoked we were on the new Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars sub-line, and for good reason — we’ve got the Voyager Class in stock now, too! Grab both of the eight-inch Voyager Class figures in this imprint’s first wave, which includes Optimus Prime and Silverbot. And for extra measure, cop them in a special CmdStore.com (seen below) for a reduced price.

Optimus Prime and Silverbot make up the Voyager Class of the Combiner Wars sub-line.

Optimus Prime and Silverbot make up the Voyager Class of the Combiner Wars sub-line.

Brand-new from Transformers: Generations — Combiner Wars!

As the Transformers: Generations series enters its fifth year of existence, Hasbro has decided to kick off this momentous occasion with a brand-new sub-line of six-inch figures — Combiner Wars! With this imprint, Deluxe, Voyager and Legends figures are able to form combiner robots.

We’re stoked to announce that we now have the first wave of the Deluxe Class for 2015 in stock. You can pick up Decepticon Dragstrip, Skydive, Alpha Bravo and Firefly separately, or save money by grabbing them in our package deal (pictured below). Better yet, you’ll be able to combine parts from the first and second waves of the Deluxe Class to form mega-figures Superion and Menasor, so make sure you don’t miss any of ’em!

Grab Decepticon Dragstrip, Alpha Bravo, Skydive and Firefly to complete your collection.

Grab Decepticon Dragstrip, Alpha Bravo, Skydive and Firefly to complete your collection.

Deluxe Class Bumblebee added to Transformers Age of Extinction line

Bumblebee has long been a pioneer of the Autobots — he was the very first Transformers robot to make friends with a human. When his comrades are in peril, he’s ready to shed his disguise and march straight into battle! Whether he is in fighter mode or 2015 Concept Camaro mode, he’s fresh, sleek and fierce. Throwing stars make robot enemies no match for him, and his supercharged muscle-car-to-robot conversions keep all of his foes guessing.

This six-inch figure from Hasbro can be changed in 12 steps, and is ready to order right now! Start the new year off right by making sure that your Age of Extinction figure collection becomes whole!

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a Bumblebee.

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a Bumblebee.

If yesterday was Star Wars day, today is Transformers day.

Bumblebee day, more specifically. One of the most loveable Autobots comes to life yet again, but this time in colossal 15-inches-tall and 12-inches-wide deluxe figure form! This guy boasts over 65 points of articulation, including articulated fingers, and we’re stoked on this brand-new installment in Sideshow and ThreeA Toys’s Premium Scale series.

Among his awesome features are an interchangeable arm with a light-up cannon, perfect for all of the versatility that battle scenes demand. A removable combat face shield is highlighted by the LED effects in his eyes and chest. As is to be expected from Sideshow Collectibles, Bumblebee is sculpted in realistic detail and showcases an artful paint job. Order him now so he’ll be at your doorstep in March! Be among the first to add this one-of-a-kind luxury figure to their toy arsenal.




Decepticon leader MEGATRON is the latest addition to the amazing Transformers Prime Dark Energon Voyager Class (that’s a mouthful!). Check him out and read all about him:

Each of these translucent figures is the result of exposure to Dark Energon, which twists the mind and powers the body, eventually corrupting and destroying the user. With the Decepticons trying to use the Dark Energon to take over earth, Optimus Prime and the other Autobots are forced to expose themselves to it, so that they are able to take on the Decepticons on their own terms. Will they be able to defeat Megatron and his crew in time for Ratchet to reverse the process, flush the Dark Energon from their systems and save them from a horrid fate?

Translucent figures show the effects of Dark Energon infusion – Unique paint schemes of fan-favorite characters – Autobots and Decepticons have taken on new faction logos: Autobot Dark Energon Defenders and Dark Energon Decepticons


Big, bad and ready to take out some Decepticons, IRONHIDE arrives to join the TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON collection.

He relies on knowledge gained from countless skirmishes with the DECEPTICONS®* to persevere in battle. He chooses MECHTECH weapons for their adaptability and power – the DECEPTICONS don’t stand a chance!

Spring into action with this vehicle-to-robot hero! Switch your fiery IRONHIDE figure from robot mode to TOPKICK® mode – and back, where his chest-mounted cannon will make him nearly invincible! While the bot battle rages on, your figure’s weapons light up, and the blaster, conversion and missile sounds make the action more intense!


The Autobot Ark is a great new Transformers toy that really brings to life the spirit of the older toys with the look and feel of the new TF universe. Have a look!

In the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, this awesome ark is armed and ready to take down the dark side of Transformers and carry the Autubots to victory.

The ship includes an exclusive Autobot figure (ROLLER) and boasts a ton of weaponry, plus great accessories and space within the brig for any Decepticon enemies the Autobots might need to keep and question. It’s a great addition to the collection of absolutely any TF fan and is based on the hugely-successful third entry to the Transformers franchise, DARK OF THE MOON.


TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON promises to be just as big and loud as its predecessors and whether you’re a fan of the films or a cartoon purist, you might be happy to know that a new wave of robots on disguise will be riding in with the film’s launch!

As per usual, the collection is divided into classes and each figures a range of different characters and figures. In the following classes, look for the likes of Ice Pick, Sandstorm, Bumblebee, Sentinel Prime, Roadbuster, Ratchet and many, many more! Take look:


DEEP DIVE is the latest Transformer to join the 2010 Voyager Class ranks as an awesome 8-inch figure!

Named for his ability to probe the depths of the oceans as a turquoise Sumbarine, Deep Dive is a heroic autobot who also stands with his colleagues against the evils of the Decepticons. The figure itself looks as great as you’d expect from Hasbro’s Voyager line and if you’re a big fan of the robots in disguise, Deep Dive is definitely one you’re going to want to snag.