Road Rage and Ironhide added to Transformers Masterpiece line-up

Acclaimed toymakers Takara are back with a brand-new installment in a series that has made collectors across the Pacific and back go wild. Here’s the Transformers Masterpiece Series Ironhide MP-27, a six-inch addition to an already star-studded lineup. This grizzled Autobot warrior has seen many a battle, and he’s got the tough chops to prove it.

Whether you display him with pride or take him out to re-create your favorite Transformers battles with other Masterpiece Series figures, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the Road Rage MP-26, too! Add him to your cart by clicking on the image below.


Hot Spot, next up in Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager class

Make room in your Transformers collection for Hot Spot, the Autobot Protectobot who takes the lead in any high-stakes situation to ensure victory for his sect. An instinctual warrior full of energy that simultaneously exhausts and inspires his co-soldiers, Hot Spot definitely lives up to his name. Combining with other Protectobots to form Defensor, he’s versatile and invaluable on the battlefield.

Now, Hasbro brings us another installment in their Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Series to round out the third wave of the Voyager class. Own Hot Spot rendered in eight inches, in aesthetically pleasing window box packaging perfect for display or to tear into and experience for yourself.

Drop It Like It's Hot Spot.

Drop It Like It’s Hot Spot.

More Combiner Wars! Transformers Generations Legends Class Huffer and Blackjack now in

One of five classes introduced by Hasbro as part of the re-set Transformers Generations series, the Legends Class is as thrillingly epic as the name suggests. Wave one knocked our socks off, so we’re pretty hyped for the second.

Huffer is an Autobot construction engineer and proud utterer of the motto, “Molecular structure is the key to success.” (I mean, Mom always told me that it was staying in school, but I guess molecular structure works, too.) And the inimitable Blackjack is the clever jock-type of the pack — like players of the card game he’s named after, he’s always got an extra card up his sleeve. That’s what makes him an invaluable asset of the Sports Car Patrol.

Because we think you’re cute, we’ve packaged the two together (shown below) at a special price. Nab ’em while you can!

Good things come in twos.

Good things come in twos.

Just in: Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Transformers Silverstreak

One of the most novel and anticipated offerings in Takara’s Masterpiece Series is the 2014 Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Silverstreak. The Autobot formerly known as Bluestreak is known for his chit-chatty nature and transforms into a silver Datsun or a Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan when he’s got time off from taking out Decepticons. Although his joking chatter has been said to elevate the mood of fellow Autobots, it’s really a way that he deals with seeing too much battle carnage throughout his life.

But his complex psyche is just one reason why Silverstreak is one of the most dynamic characters of the Transformers franchise. This figure in particular is a scrupulous re-make of the original G1 Nissan Fairlady Z toy with up-to-date articulation and details. You can’t miss it!

"I never met a Decepticon I didn't dislike."

“I never met a Decepticon I didn’t dislike.”

Jetfire is newest Autobot in Transformers Generations series

From the leader class of the Transformers Generations series comes the all-new Jetfire. Hasbro is hooking us up with this 10-inch behemoth, depicting the scientific, sky-bound Autobot in all his mechanic glory. He comes outfitted with a photon missile launcher, arm-mount cannon and detachable turbo thrusters.

With a removable battle helmet he wears in robot mode, he’s ready for anything the Decepticons may launch at him. This is the first major action-figure representation of Jetfire since 2010, so grab him while he’s new and hot!

Jetfire goes from 0 to fighter jet real quick.

Jetfire goes from 0 to fighter jet real quick.


We’re getting in even more SDCC exclusives, straight from July’s Comic Con to our shelves! If you weren’t able to hit up the Comic Con this year, then make sure to check our New Arrivals section for every new release that comes in. And for now, here’s the profile of one of the items we recently added to our stock, direct from the Con! It’s a Generation One-style Transformer that’s sure to please fans of the massive franchise.


You may want to look again, because what you thought was just a retro boombox is actually a “ROBOT IN DISGUISE!” Hasbro is excited to offer Comic-Con International attendees its TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT BLASTER Special Edition figure. Designed in the character’s classic 1984 styling, this special AUTOBOT BLASTER figure includes its three cassette tapes/battle companions: STEELJAW, RAMHORN and EJECT.

Takara’s Ultra Magnus MP-2

Much like Masters of the Universe, Transformers is one of those things I was just too young to get into. Plus, I was devoting my time to a variety of Disney shows. And Batman. In fact, mostly Batman. So when something new comes through the door here, I’m usually pretty clueless about what kind of item we’re dealing with. I know that some are deluxe and that this is a “Masterpiece” Takara import, but for the rest of the description, I think I’ll let the distributors do the talking.

Intended to reflect Ultra Magnus’ core appearance without the battle armor, the MP-02 Ultra Magnus utilizes the MP-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime mold and is similarly accompanied by a rifle, an energon axe, Matrix of Leadership accessory, and Megatron gun mode. Ultra Magnus is cited as a disciplined, varyingly self-doubting soldier with unsurpassed courage. In Transformers: The Movie, Optimus Prime passed the Matrix to Ultra Magnus, who accepted the fabled artifact reluctantly. Unfortunately, Ultra Magnus’ subsequent, brief tenure came to a crunching halt when Magnus was unsportingly waylaid by a swarm of Sweeps on Junkion.