DC Universe – Series 19

It’s here! The 19th series of DC Universe figures has arrived. You can find Sandman, The Atom, Hawkman, Lord Naga, Magog and Stargirl in this new wave and they’re all looking great at 6-inch figures. As ever, collect them all and you can use the included parts to make the build-a-figure, which is S.T.R.I.P.E. this time around!

And you can already pre-order the next series, which includes Green Arrow, White Lantern Flash, Reverse Flash, Hawk, Dove (Dawn Granger), Red Arrow and Sinestro, plus the build-a-figure NEKRON for fans of the Lanterns. It ships in January, but you can snag it now.


Feast your eyes upon a Lantern-heavy edition of DC Direct’s DC UNIVERSE line. The 17th series includes a ton of classic heroes and villains in togs a little different than you’re used to!

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, White and Black Lantern Hal Jordan, Indigo Tribe Atom, Sinestro Corps Scarecrow (no surprises, there) and Blue Lantern Flash make up the series and you can get them together or individually. If you do collect them all, however, you can build ANTI-MONITOR as the oversized Build-a-Figure and that’s always a plus with these lines. We’re still waiting on the Hals, but if you order now, you can expect them in July!

JLA Classified Action Figures – Series 3 Pre-Orders

There are some new JLA Classified figures headed our way and available for pre-order now. Check out the 6-inch renderings of Green Lantern, Superman Red, The Atom and Zoom over at Cmdstore.com. It’s worth checking out for any DC Fans seeking the perfect figure to complete their character collection.

And in another stroke of good luck for fans, I was checking out Kotaku (again) when I caught sight of a headline boasting SCREENS FROM AN UNRELEASED JUSTICE LEAGE VIDEO GAME! Check this out:

Is DC Comics’ Justice League getting a video game adaptation to go along with the George Miller directed, big budget feature film?

While the big screen version of Justice League may be experiencing a bumpy ride in its trip to theatres, it appears, based on a batch of screen shots sent our way by an anonymous tipster, that the video game is already in production. While the majority of the shots feature game environments, logos for characters like Batman and Wonder Woman can be seen in some. The Flash and what appears to be Wonder Woman appear in others.

See the site for more by clicking here.