Ezio’s Fury : Sideshow Takes On Assassin’s Creed

Ezio Auditore da Firenze leaps in to avenge his murdered family in this amazing polystone statue from Sideshow and Ubisoft. Pushing off fallen Roman columns with his blade drawn, he cuts an incredibly striking figure.

The statue itself stands an impressive 14 inches tall and features all the detail and paint-work you’d expect from the wizards at Sideshow Collectibles. Fans of the game can order now and the statue will ship out in April!

Sideshow Star Wars: SCUM AND VILLAINY

The assassin/bounty-hunter droid IG-88 is the latest Star Wars character to be immortalised by the figure whizzes at Sideshow. With a model based on the IG-86 sentinel droids, he is a thin and strange-looking droid, but his curious appearance belies his deadly aim and grim devotion to the kill.
Check out this incredible list of features and order your IG-88 today! It ships out in December.

* Newly Developed and Fully Articulated IG-88 Assassin Droid with over 20+ points of articulation
* Light up eyes feature
* Fully functioning extendable legs
* Sculpted shoulder bracer
* Authentic and hand painted deco application with highly detailed weathering deco
* Fabric Bandolier with magnetic attachment capabilities
* One (1) Detailed BlasTech DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
* One (1) Detailed BlasTech E11 Blaster Rifle
* One (1) Sculpted E-11 Blaster bandolier holster
* One (1) Sculpted shoulder bracer
* Three (3) Mines
* Two (2) Instrument pins
* Deluxe Illuminated Display Base