Halo and ArtFX+ present Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI

*Beyoncé voice* Baby, I can see your Halo . . . and now you can, too! Take a look at these two new figures from Kotobukiya, the ArtFX+Halo Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI. This collectors’ box features exclusive cover art made especially for the acclaimed ArtFX+ series. And wait until you get a load of all of the features these guys come stocked with! The rare double set comes with two base tech suits, red Mark VI armor, blue Mark V armor, two magnums and two plasma swords.

And because we’re all about versatility here at CmdStore, the tech suits are compatible with other Halo ArtFX+ armor sets from Kotobukiya. Each tech suit features 10 points of articulation in the upper body, allowing you to re-create the most #fierce and #fabulous poses from the games. And if you thought it couldn’t get any more enticing, armor pieces slide into place with a quick and easy fit. Done deal, dude. Add these two to your cart now. You know what to do.


Kotobukiya’s Avengers Now Hulk will stop Ultron dead in his tracks

He’s a not-so-lean, mean, green machine — and he’s coming for us from Kotobukiya’s renowned ArtFX designer toy line! Here’s the Age of Ultron Hulk, a new nine-inch statue-figure release that pays homage to the smash film. Part of the “Avengers Now” series put forth by the Japanese toymakers, this Hulk comes in a powerful pose that shows he’s ready to unleash his rage on any enemy that might cross his path — especially when Ultron is trying to escape in a quinjet and the Hulk himself foils those dastardly plans.

Followers and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe won’t be able to resist this one. Pick him up before he’s all gone!

It's not easy being green. But maybe it's a little bit easier when you've got THOSE muscles.

It’s not easy being green. But maybe it’s a little bit easier when you’ve got THOSE muscles.

ArtFX statue series presents Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

Kotobukiya’s ArtFX series has garnered acclaim in the collectors’ community for its attentive treatment of detail and artful treatment of some of the most well-loved characters. Now, they are introducing this 10-inch Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia duo from the Star Wars universe! These two come equipped with magnets on their feet to ensure that they stay put on the provided base for easy display.

Make sure that you don’t delay and put in your order for this indispensable twosome now. And as always, may the Force be with you as you defend the galaxy from the powers of evil. (Even if that just means getting out of bed and gulping down some coffee.)

More like Princess BAEa.

More like Princess BAEa.

Take a look at Kotobukiya’s ArtFX Deadpool statue, in accurate 1/10 scale

After gracing fans with all of the Avengers in ArtFX form, Japanese toy designers and manufacturers Kotobukiya return with another Marvel staple — Deadpool! Wade Wilson, the “Merc with a Mouth”, was a member of the Weapon X program and garnered acclaim as a rogue agent and assassin-for-hire. With a résumé boasting rendezvous with superheroes and villains from the Avengers to the X-Force, Deadpool is no one to mess around with.

Here, he stands six inches tall in detailed 1/10 scale true to the series, crouching in preparation for attack. You can almost hear the sharp-witted retort that’s surely about to come out of his mouth — known for his witty repartee, Deadpool adds a dose of humor to even the most serious of face-offs. He sports his iconic red-and-black costume complete with an abundance of straps, pouches, extra ammunition, spare weapons, pointy hood with mask, and Deadpool logo belt buckle. Designer Junnosuke Abe surely pulled out all the stops with this one. Snap him up now!

(Dead)Pool party.

(Dead)Pool party.

This Robin (Damian Wayne) statue by Kotobukiya is a must-have!

Latest in the acclaimed line of DC Comics-based statues from Kotobukiya’s ArtFX line is Damian Wayne as Robin! The controversial anti-hero and ever-present sidekick of Batman tore up Gotham in the best way he knew how, leaping from serendipitous situation to cutthroat battle in his own haphazard way. Originally trained by the aggressive League of Assassins, Dick Grayson as Batman showed him a new way and revolutionized his crime-fighting know-how.

Check out this beautifully rendered statue, standing six inches tall in accurate 1/10 scale. Sporting a get-up of black, green, and shimmery crimson, the teen martial artist cracks his knuckles in a pose that means business. Topping it all off is a yellow cape to help him get where he needs to go, and Atelier Bamboo has done a fantastic job of sculpting this one to perfection. Pick him up today!

The perfect color scheme.

The perfect color scheme.

Wonder Woman ArtFX statue by Kotobukiya — just re-stocked!

Kotobukiya is back with another round of statue figures in its designer ArtFX series, this time celebrating the likeness of Diana herself! Succeeding Batman, Superman and the Joker as DC Comics characters given the statue treatment by the Japanese toy manufacturer, Wonder Woman is a sight to behold. She bounded onto the scene in 1941 from her island home of Themyscira, and since then, she’s been kicking butt and taking names as one of the most badass superheroes of all time.

Here, renowned artist Jim Lee has represented her in her signature red, white and blue costume. A red and gold bodice with eagle motif, gold belt, blue skirt with white stars, and tall red and white boots make her stand out. And of course, her Lasso of Truth and flowing red cape top it all off. She stands 12 inches tall in accurate 1/6 scale atop a base with her logo.

I ain't got no type. Wonder Woman is the only thing that I like.

I ain’t got no type. Wonder Woman is the only thing that I like.

Kotobukiya’s Wonder Woman statue stuns and awes

When it comes to choosing the next addition to your collection, who better to start the new year off with than the island of Themyscira’s reigning deity? Next in the Kotobukiya and DC collaboration that has spawned the release of three DC Comics heavyweights in full-size, ArtFX form is the inimitable Wonder Woman. The badass lady member of DC’s Trinity, Princess Diana has crushed foes and protected universes since her comic-book debut in 1941. What’s stunning about this statue is how regal the Amazon warrior looks in this rendering imagined by Jim Lee.

Wonder Woman is just under 12 inches tall here and is poised in mid-stride, journeying forward with ease and purpose, donning her classic look in the form of a red and gold bodice with an eagle design, a starry blue skirt and red-and-white boots. Accessorized by all of her iconic accoutrements, like her galactic tiara, bracelets and epic Lasso of Truth, the figurative icing on the cake of this figure is her long, flowing cape.

Pose her on the included base with a logo, and remember that she’s also the final piece in an unofficial Trinity series with the Superman for Tomorrow and Batman Black Costume ArtFX statues, all of which were sculpted by the legendary artist Kouei Matsumoto.

The eighth Wonder of the world.

The eighth Wonder of the world.

ArtFX presents The New 52 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen accomplished a lot in his lifetime — he taught himself to survive with a bow and arrow on a deserted island, he made himself into a billionaire businessman, he became the owner of Queen Industries and he turned into a local celebrity in his hometown of Star City. But all of these feats pale in comparison to his work as the Green Arrow, deploying his trick arrows to aid the Justice League in the nick of time.

Here, he gets a makeover in The New 52 style courtesy of ArtFX by Kotobukiya. Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, here he is positively radiant in 1/10 scale, living up to the moniker of Emerald Archer. He stands seven inches tall and is pictured holding his graceful weaponry in a poised stance. Grab him today!

Poised to shoot.

Poised to shoot.

Rocket Raccoon rides Groot’s shoulder to victory

Say what? This statue is, in a word or two, absolutely fantastic. Depicting inseparable adventure duo and arguably two of the most beloved characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, this 5 inch ArtFX statue marks a pop culture era. Rocket Raccoon is primed for battle with a grimace and a bazooka, and Groot is his ever-enigmatic self, stoically leading his furry friend where he must go. Kotobukiya is to thank for this imaginative rendering. Grab it now!

Man crush Monday.

Man crush Monday.

Eren Yeager’s right in the middle of the action with this adventurous statue

From Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya’s ArtFX J series comes the Attack on Titan protagonist to bring the wildly popular manga and anime to life! Created in 2009 by Hajime Isayama, the series has been acclaimed for its skilful mix of adventure and dramatic narrative. And it’s just downright cool that Mr. Yeager himself is pictured here mid-flight and mid-slice using two long swords, leaping over a tree trunk with a banshee look on his face. And rightfully so, as he’s keen on joining the elite Survey Corps to avenge his mother’s death at the hands of ghastly humanoid predators.

Shin Tanabe is responsible for the remarkable facial sculpt on this dude, which renders him gorgeously realistic. This 1/8 scale figure is 10.5 inches tall, perfect for eventual display alongside Kotobukiya Attack of the Titan statues to come.

[insert primal scream here]

[insert primal scream here]