Fans of YOUNG JUSTICE will be pleased to see two waves of figures headed their way: 4- and 6-inch. The first wave of 6-inch figures only includes two characters–Robin and Artemis–but both look great and will make a pretty cool addition to your toy-shelf.

The rest are seen above and you can grab them in 2-packs or in a complete set of eight figures. The teams are as follows:
Batman / Robin
Aquaman / Aqualad
Flash / Kid Flash
Ras Al Ghul / Cheshire

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely want to snag these guys. And if you haven’t seen it yet, then…well, what are you waiting for?


ARTEMIS, one of Wonder Woman’s nearest and dearest as well as a powerful warrior in her own right, stands tall and fierce as a new 8-inch anime-inspired Ame-Comi figure. Featuring the amazing sculpting and a totally new design for the character, she is a proud addition to the line and a figure that any Amazon fan will want to snag.

Also newly arrived is the new purple-suited Catwoman, a recoloured version of the original!

DC Universe Classics: Series 4 + New Variants!

We just got the new variants in for the fourth series of the DC Universe Classics collection from the folks at DC Direct. They’re in addition to the original 5-figure series, from which collectors can build the Justice League supervillain, Despero. Take a look!


Artemis, an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall and perhaps the fiercest warrior since Diana (Wonder Woman)

Captain Atom, a variant that sees his classic silver turned gold

An unmasked version of Terry’s Batman Beyond

And for more, check out the whole collection on the website!