Arrested Development Movie: Cancelled?

I was a huge fan of Arrested Development, the Fox sitcom that was wrongfully cancelled in its third season. It was sharp, the characters were unique and the writing was the kind of funny it’s still extremely hard to find.

The show’s talented cast, from Will Arnett to Michael Cera, have found a great deal of success post-cancellation, but fans have long held out hope that the show would eventually become a film. These hopes were raised when creator and writer Mitch Hurwitz said he was working on a script and gathering the cast to start filming this year, but things became much too quiet of late and it seems that’s a very bad sign.

Even worse, though, is the news from TV Squad, who interviewed David Cross (Dr. Tobias Funke) about the potential for a film…

Is there anything going on with [thje movie] at this point?
I think what I will tell you, it’s not going to happen. It’s not official, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Way too much time it’s been (since the show ended). I mean, there’s so many people involved. Everyone’s doing their own thing, you know. And everybody’s aged. It’s just not going to happen. I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say we’d love for it to happen, we’d love to work on it, but just I don’t think… not going to happen.

Has the buildup for it been so great that it would have been too much for what the results were? This is the most built up reunion I’ve ever seen on TV.

Yeah. Well, that’s the way to do it. It would be great to do it on TV. Like kind of what they do in Britain. If they have a successful show, the comedy shows at least, they’ll have a Christmas special. The actors and writers will all get together and you know, create a one-off kind of Christmas special thing.

Like ‘The Office’ did.
Yeah. I mean, they do that a lot in the UK, you know, with the sitcoms. So like ‘The IT Crowd,’ ‘Gavin and Stacey,’ ‘Extras,’ ‘Office,’ you know, stick with these Christmas shows. So that would be a good way to do it. I think it would feel odd on a big screen. Anything over 42 inches.

What would feel odd about it on a big screen?
It would just feel, I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. But it’s ah, it would feel strange and foreign to see these characters on a movie theater screen, I think.

Well, I guess we can always relive the memories of the brilliant 3 seasons when we did have the show. They’re all available over at if you haven’t got ’em.
Arrested Development – The Complete Series (Seasons 1, 2, 3)
Arrested Development – Season One
Arrested Development – Season Two
Arrested Development – Season Three

Arrested Development Movie: It’s still on!

I was a HUGE fan of Arrested Development when it first aired in…wait, 2003? The fact that it’s been that long is scary, but I suppose it’s a testament to it’s quality that it’s been able to stay in the public consciousness long enough that fans are still clamoring for a film.

Recently, though, it seemed unlikely that we would ever see the fabled Arrested Development movie, as various people connected to the project just shrugged when it was mentioned, said it was ‘in development’ or confessed that it hadn’t exactly been written yet. The ‘Arrested Development in arrested development’ jokes wrote them selves.

Until today! Because star Jason Batemen confirms to Collider that hope is still alive!

Question: What is the state of “Arrested Development”?

Jason Bateman: The script’s being written and when Mitch is done with it we can go to the scheduling part of it which will probably prove to be a bit challenging given the size of the cast.

And they’re all attached?

Jason: He is asked us not to speak about specifics, but that he’s working on it.

It seems like 5 or 6 months there was a lot of momentum. A lot of people talking about the film. And then it seemed like it sort of got a little bit quiet. Everyone’s a little nervous it’s actually happening. Is it, in fact, actually being written right now?

Jason: Yes.

That’s 100%?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah. That’s never changed. I mean people have guessed and “rumored” and all that other stuff in all areas of the media. I’ve always been a little sort of…I’ve always felt bad that I never had more information to give people when they asked me about it, but I guess people kind of got frustrated by that and they just started kind of making up their own sort of “well, we haven’t heard that much” or “news hasn’t changed so it must be going away”. I don’t know. It sort of took a life of its own on and fatigue started to set in I think about the whole story of it. I mean, there’s really no need to write anything about it at all until he’s done writing it. Once he writes it then, just like any movie, then it becomes something a little bit more real and then you try to figure out scheduling and you try to figure out people’s deals. I mean, it’s got the same life that any other project would have. It has just as much a chance of happening as it does of not happening really.