Add Azrael and Professor Pyg from Batman: Arkham Knight to your collection

If you got into the 2015 action-adventure game from the Batman franchise, you’ll be pretty hyped on this one. Here’s the Batman: Arkham Knight Azrael, a six-inch figure from our pals over at DC Comics. Like his intense and mystical-sounding name suggests, he’s a stealthy assassin divinely recruited to work on behald of the cosmic powers that be.

Fun fact: The name “Azrael” signifies the Archangel of Death in Hebrew and Sikh lore. If that wasn’t gloomy enough for you, he comes in grey-and-black window box packaging to add an element of darkness to your shelf. (And we’ve got Professor Pyg from the same game, too.) Hit the image below to check him out!


Own the Man-Bat from Batman: Arkham Knight

Have you discovered the identity of the Arkham Knight? If not, we’re not about to spoil it for you. But this Batman: Arkham Knight Man-Bat is here to pique your curiosity. DC Comics brings us another great six-inch offering from the wildly popular gaming experience.

This fictional supervillain is one of Batman’s ultimate adversaries, attempting to use the Dark Knight’s connection with the mysterious nocturnal animal against him. Now, he jumps off the screen and comic-book pages ready to form part of your collection. Hit the button below to reserve yours.


Cop the hero from Batman: Arkham Knight in 3-D

Gamers are in for a treat with this one. DC Comics presents the Batman: Arkham Knight Batman statue figure, a 10-inch product boxed attractively for display. Gotham City’s mysterious new player gets a three-dimensional makeover with this meticulously detailed statue figure.

Posed with his trademark weapon, he’s a force to reckon with on the shadowy streets as he fights the forces of evil. His display base will help him become the centrepiece of your Batman collection. Click on the image below and add him to your cart!


Take a trip to Arkham City with the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Batman

Did you go crazy over Arkham Knight? We sure did, and so naturally we can’t pass up an opportunity to go back in time to its predecessor, Arkham City! The single-player action-adventure game gets new life with the Hot Toys Batman: Arkham City Sixth Scale Game Series Batman.

A newly developed and masked head sculpt with interchangeable lower faces keeps the Dark Knight shrouded in mystery and dynamic at the same time. A highly detailed Batsuit and intricately designed weapons set this guy apart. Re-live the epic narrative and world designs of the wildly popular game from the comfort of your own Batcave.

Do you lift?

Do you lift?

Grab all the major players in Arkham Knight all at once this spring

Warner Brothers and Rocksteady Entertainment will be collaborating to release Batman: Arkham Knight this June, but you can preview and own the who’s who of the new video game as early as March. In Arkham Knight, you’ll control Batman as a band of supervillains unites to take out the Caped Crusader. See it play out in your collection with each of these characters — Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight, Batman and Scarecrow.

Keeping with the melancholic aesthetic of Arkham Asylum, the four heavyweights mean business in shades of grey and black, with hints of red. You can purchase the figurines separately, but where’s the fun in that? Preorder the set of four for this spring.

Virtually dodge the perilous advances of villains!

Watch Batman virtually dodge the perilous advances of villains!

Batman, sculpted in Arkham Knight form, anticipated for March release

DC Collectibles has announced the nail-bitingly imminent release of this 9.5-inch statue of Batman from the Arkham Knight video-game realization — and we can’t wait to check out this new version of the comic-book icon!

Crafted by Gentle Giant Studios, this artful statue is based upon the incarnation dreamed up by Rocksteady Studios and Interactive Entertainment. The sequel to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight won’t be out until June of next year. But you can own the vigilante bat-masked hero a few months early, as this collectors’ figure will be shipping March 2015. Heads up!

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.