Take a trip to Arkham City with the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Batman

Did you go crazy over Arkham Knight? We sure did, and so naturally we can’t pass up an opportunity to go back in time to its predecessor, Arkham City! The single-player action-adventure game gets new life with the Hot Toys Batman: Arkham City Sixth Scale Game Series Batman.

A newly developed and masked head sculpt with interchangeable lower faces keeps the Dark Knight shrouded in mystery and dynamic at the same time. A highly detailed Batsuit and intricately designed weapons set this guy apart. Re-live the epic narrative and world designs of the wildly popular game from the comfort of your own Batcave.

Do you lift?

Do you lift?

Get ready for Batman: Arkham Knight with this game-based five-pack

Fans of the Batman: Arkham series of action-adventure video games have been eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated release of the third installment in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight for quite some time now. Asylum and Origins awed hardcore gamers and screen dabblers alike. So we think it’s pretty fitting that DC Comics have put together this five-pack of game-based figures to get you ready for the June 23 Arkham Knight debut!

Batman: Arkham City Bruce Wayne, Batman: Arkham Origins Batman, Batman: Arkham Knight Batman, Batman: Arkham City Batman and Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman are the five figures included in this one-of-a-kind series, available for preorder to ship this September. Four different versions of Batman underscore an exclusive six-inch Bruce Wayne figure. Put your order in now to receive them as soon as they’re available.

Five's a crowd.

Five’s a crowd.

New from Play Arts Kai — Batman: Arkham Origins figure

Based on the 2013 Warner Brothers adventure/action video game Batman: Arkham Origins, this specialty realization of the bat hero is from the acclaimed Play Arts Kai line. As the Square Enix sector of the Play Arts line features improved articulation and slightly bigger sizes than conventional renderings of the character, this Arkham Origins figurine is the ultimate for the serious Batman collector.

A reflection of a more younger, precocious Batman, the Origins installment was key in the Arkham series, taking place several years before the events of the Arkham Asylum narrative. Re-create his crime-solving prowess in 8 inches for ready display.

(We also have Deathstroke from the same game — check him out here.)

Beat 'em up.

Beat ’em up.

Batman, sculpted in Arkham Knight form, anticipated for March release

DC Collectibles has announced the nail-bitingly imminent release of this 9.5-inch statue of Batman from the Arkham Knight video-game realization — and we can’t wait to check out this new version of the comic-book icon!

Crafted by Gentle Giant Studios, this artful statue is based upon the incarnation dreamed up by Rocksteady Studios and Interactive Entertainment. The sequel to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight won’t be out until June of next year. But you can own the vigilante bat-masked hero a few months early, as this collectors’ figure will be shipping March 2015. Heads up!

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.

Batman Arkham City Playarts Kai Figure

From the video game Batman: Arkham City, based on the wildly popular Batman comic book series from DC Comics, Batman (1970s Skin) and The Joker join the Play Arts ~KAI~ action figure line. Featuring over 26 points of articulation, these exquisite figures come to life with stunning poseability. Both come with interchangeable head & hands, as well as their signature weapon accessories! Batman stands 9 1/4″ tall, while The Joker stands 9 1/2″ tall. With unsurpassed quality of the paint application and detailed texture that only Square Enix Products can bring, these figures would make a great addition to your Batman collection!

Batman Arkham City Playarts Kai Figure

Batman Arkham City Statue

Batman Arkham City Statue

Sculpted by Dave Cortes.  You’d have to be committed to Arkham Asylum to not want this monochromatic statue of the Dark Knight poised for battle, based on the advertising campaign and packaging for the best-selling, critically acclaimed video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. Statue measures approximately 10″ tall.

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THE JOKER – 10-inch Statue

Based on his chilling appearance in Batman : Arkham City, this statue figure of the Joker sees him rendered in the same minimalist style that defined the look of the game’s marketing and design.

He’s about 10 inches tall and made of hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain, packaged in a 4-colour box.

Arkham City Nightwing Statue

Arkham City’s advertising and promo materials gave us an incredibly striking style, black and white with slashes of colour to highlight the most notable aspects of the characters. Here, Nightwing’s (pre-New 52) electric blue is the star of the show.

Sculpted by Amos Hemsley, Nightwing (Dick Grayson) features amazing details and stands 8.8 inches tall on a figure stand. He’s a must-have for fans of the best-selling game and a great way to ease the pain of the wait for Arkham Origins. Order now and he ships out in August.