Clayface from Batman: Arkham Asylum is the ultimate shape-shifting villain

DC Comics’ most renowned changeling is, shall we say, down to earth. Formed from clay to reach an infinite combination of transmutation possibilities, Clayface is a bad guy in his own category. The original Clayface, also known as Basil Karlo, was a B-movie actor who adopted the persona of a character he played in a horror movie in order to plunge into a life of crime. Now we can see why IGN named him the 73rd greatest villain in comic-book history — that’s nothing to sneeze at, right?

Now from the acclaimed 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum comes DC’s 13-inch version of the muddy foe, complete with accessories and interchangeable arms to counter Batman and his allies within the confines of the spooky Arkham institution. Criminally insane or not, this 13-inch Clayface can’t hurt you from his place on your shelf. Just watch your back while you sleep.

We'd like to see an alternate storyline wherein he forms a '90s alt-rock band called Jars of Clayface.

We’d like to see an alternate storyline wherein he forms a ’90s alt-rock band called Jars of Clayface.

The New 52 Harley Quinn busts out of Arkham Asylum

Equal parts spunky and kind of deranged, the lovably ridiculous Harley Quinn has broken herself out of Arkham Asylum and is running to meet you smack-dab in the middle of all of your other prized collectibles! True to the new Suicide Squad vision created by the New 52 folks, the “female Joker” features a blue-and-red ensemble and hairdo and carries a giant mallet, poised to strike. The delightfully weird former psychiatrist’s weapon of choice may be comically oversized, but comic-book fans have speculated that perhaps the hammer is cleverly weighted, allowing her to swing it with the use of centrifugal force. Or she really is superhuman-ly strong. Who knows? That’s part of the charm of this enigmatic ball of charisma.

Capture a piece of the absurdity with this six-inch bust by Jim Lee and James Shoop. Don’t delay on this one as it has a limited-edition run.

Hammer out the details.

Hammer out the details.

New from Play Arts Kai — Batman: Arkham Origins figure

Based on the 2013 Warner Brothers adventure/action video game Batman: Arkham Origins, this specialty realization of the bat hero is from the acclaimed Play Arts Kai line. As the Square Enix sector of the Play Arts line features improved articulation and slightly bigger sizes than conventional renderings of the character, this Arkham Origins figurine is the ultimate for the serious Batman collector.

A reflection of a more younger, precocious Batman, the Origins installment was key in the Arkham series, taking place several years before the events of the Arkham Asylum narrative. Re-create his crime-solving prowess in 8 inches for ready display.

(We also have Deathstroke from the same game — check him out here.)

Beat 'em up.

Beat ’em up.

Grab all the major players in Arkham Knight all at once this spring

Warner Brothers and Rocksteady Entertainment will be collaborating to release Batman: Arkham Knight this June, but you can preview and own the who’s who of the new video game as early as March. In Arkham Knight, you’ll control Batman as a band of supervillains unites to take out the Caped Crusader. See it play out in your collection with each of these characters — Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight, Batman and Scarecrow.

Keeping with the melancholic aesthetic of Arkham Asylum, the four heavyweights mean business in shades of grey and black, with hints of red. You can purchase the figurines separately, but where’s the fun in that? Preorder the set of four for this spring.

Virtually dodge the perilous advances of villains!

Watch Batman virtually dodge the perilous advances of villains!

Batman, sculpted in Arkham Knight form, anticipated for March release

DC Collectibles has announced the nail-bitingly imminent release of this 9.5-inch statue of Batman from the Arkham Knight video-game realization — and we can’t wait to check out this new version of the comic-book icon!

Crafted by Gentle Giant Studios, this artful statue is based upon the incarnation dreamed up by Rocksteady Studios and Interactive Entertainment. The sequel to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight won’t be out until June of next year. But you can own the vigilante bat-masked hero a few months early, as this collectors’ figure will be shipping March 2015. Heads up!

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.

Batman as visualized in the fourth game in the Arkham series, coming in spring.

Limited-edition Harley Quinn nurse statue, as seen menacing her patients in Arkham Asylum

This grotesquely vampy Harley Quinn is about to adorn your collection with a sneer that could only be hers. DC brings this 10-inch, painted-with-detail polyresin statue to stores this summer courtesy of fine sculptor Jack Mathews.

There are only 5,200 of this devious medical professional, dressed in her stylishly evil nurse getup from video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. You think her smile can kill? Just wait until she makes you laugh.


“Look alive, wage slaves!”

THE JOKER – 10-inch Statue

Based on his chilling appearance in Batman : Arkham City, this statue figure of the Joker sees him rendered in the same minimalist style that defined the look of the game’s marketing and design.

He’s about 10 inches tall and made of hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain, packaged in a 4-colour box.

Arkham City Statue Figure : THE JOKER

An amazing black and white figure with eerie green highlights, this rendering of Arkham City’s JOKER is a truly amazing addition to the growing collection. With an deceptively playful expression concealing the malice within, he stands about 10 inches tall and is sure to look particularly good next to the Arkham City Harley Quinn. Order him now and he ships out in May!