Together At Last: DC versus MOTU

Two follow-ups to Lex Luthor’s face-off against Skeletor have now arrived in our DC 2-Pack collection! No longer a battle between Evil and “Just as evil”, we’ve reached another level of awesome with some new faces:

AQUAMAN VERSUS MER-MAN wage a battle beneath the waves. This whole collection just screams “fan-service” and yet it does so in the greatest possible way, satisfying all the geeks who have ever wanted to play out a round of “Who would win in a fight?” between the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe. Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and comes ready with a signature weapon!

If you want to take the war to the skies, of course, that option is also available in the HAWKMAN vs. STRATOS set!


STARRO THE CONQUEROR is the main attraction in this brand new figure set featuring the super-villain facing off against Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash and Martian Manhunter. It’s a San Diego Comic Con exclusive from this year’s show and has just arrived on our shelves! If you’re a fan of the classic covers, then this is definitely one for you: it brilliantly recreates The Brave and the Bold Issue #28 and the epic battle waged on the front page.

But best of all–and I mean this–is the packaging. Normally, I’m all about the contents, but this is probably the coolest box I’ve ever encountered on any toy or collectible. Why?

Because it talks. Seriously. With the voice of Kevin Conroy (Batman in Batman the Animated Series, Gotham Knight, JLA, the Arkham Asylum video game, etc.), the box narrates exactly what’s going down on the cover/in the showcase. Really.

In fact, here’s a review of the figure that gives you a look at just how awesome that is.

Each of the little figures stands about 3.75 inches tall, making them proportional to DC’s Infinite Heroes collection. Starro himself stands about twice that high and is wired rubber for some excellent bending action worthy of the intergalactic starfish he is.

To snag him or any of the other awesome toys from 2010’s show, check out our San Diego Comic Con Exclusives section over at CmdStore! Just click the pic below!


The new Aquaman vs. Black Manta 2-pack is another classic DC Universe rivalry captured for the company’s 2-pck collection. The sea’s greatest defender faces off against his greatest enemy and the pair are rendered brilliantly as 6-inch figures bearing their signature weapons and clad in their classic costumes. Any fan of the Justice League, Aquaman, Black Manta or, really, just some well-made figures, should definitely check this one out. It’s a great new addition and it’s nice to see these versions of what are, really, two frequently underused characters.

But that’s not the only new 2-pack worthy of note! No, far from it. Because we’ve got a great pair that brings together two supervillains from different worlds, facing off in what might be the most epic battle to span the universes! Ready? Because here it is!

An exclusive 2-pack sees Skeletor and Lex Luthor, together at last as 6-inch figures. Packaged with a full-length comic, this is a chance to join fandoms in a way that we’re all too thrilled to see! Check it out!

World’s Finest DC Heroes RETRO Plush Figures!

Based on the MEGO figures that were popular in the 1960s, DC Direct has released a line of plush and plastic figures that capture the retro spirit for a new generation: Mattel’s new World’s Greatest DC Heroes. The first wave included Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Sinestro and Lex Luthor and, now, a whole new series of heroes and villains has arrived!

Each one stands (or is propped up!) about 8 inches tall and they match the original style of the figures right down to the old-fashioned packaging. Here’s a look at what you can pick up, both individually or as a full Series 2 set!

Full Set of 4 Figures





New BRIGHTEST DAY Pre-Orders from DC Direct!

“BRIGHTEST DAY is about second chances. It’s looking at twelve characters that have been resurrected and examining whether it’s a miracle or a curse. Some second chances work out… some don’t. BRIGHTEST DAY is the next step in repositioning a lot of characters in the DC Universe and pushing them to the next level.”
Geoff Johns

As Blackest Night comes to a close, are you ready for the dawn of DC’s new event, BRIGHTEST DAY? With a great collection of writers and artists collaborating on the comics and storylines, the next few months should be a pretty great time for fans of the heroes and villains they can expect to see along the way.

And, of course, the fact that something new is beginning also means that DC Direct is rolling out the new figures and I am very pleased to say that they look absolutely great. Standing 6 inches tall, brilliantly sculpted based on the new looks of the characters and the new art style of the event, they’re only the first series of what will surely be a very nice-looking collection. Check out the first four below, snaggable either individually or as a set! They can be pre-ordered now and ship in March 2011!

AQUAMAN (March 2011)

DEAD MAN (March 2011)

GREEN ARROW (March 2011)

HAWKGIRL (March 2011)

SET OF ALL 4 FIGURES (March 2011)

Green Lantern: Blackest Night Figures

The new Blackest Night toys have now arrived!

Featuring characters from the massively popular Green Lantern arc, Blackest Night, these DC Direct figures stand 6 inches tall and feature some of the sharpest sculpting and design out there. The first series includes Boodikka, Saint Walker, Earth-2 Superman and Atrocitus, each with their own ring.

You can snag those ones now, but for fans of the series who want to get ahead, we also offer pre-orders for ALL the upcoming toys, including Aquaman, Arisia, Star Sapphier and more! Check ’em out by clicking the pic above or following this link to CmdStore’s Green Lantern Collection!

DC Dynamics: Announcing Upcoming Statues from DC Direct!


May 14, 2009 Though we’re not even halfway through 2009, DC Direct is already moving into 2010 with its product planning. Today, exclusively with IGN, the toy and statue arm of DC Comics is unveiling a new statue line – DC Dynamics.

Created to “capture the character’s interaction with the surrounding environment,” each figure sports not only its respective iconic hero, but some element of their abilities. Superman is depicted flying, with the base of the statue being painted and molded to demonstrate his blazing speed. Aquaman is being boosted by a wave of water, Wonder Woman is soaring through the sky and Batman… is being propelled by a cloud of bats. (Hey, it looks cool – go click on the picture.)

DC Direct notes that a total of six statues are scheduled for 2010. The first statue of the line, Wonder Woman, has a price tag of $195 and an on-sale date of January 20, 2010. The statue will stand at about 11″ in height. All figures are hand painted and made from cold-cast porcelain.

Enough details, let’s see what these things look like, shall we? (And you can click the image to be taken to the rest of the photos!)

As a Batman fan, I can’t wait to see the Dark Knight in all his glory when 2010 hits, though I’m wondering why Aquaman got a figure over Flash when the latter seems to lend himself to this kind of design…Oh well! Maybe series 2? When we get these items over at our online store, I’ll definitely be posting about it, but until then, check out the rest of our DC comics collection by clicking the banner below!

And stay tuned for a post about some of the brand new pre-orders we’ve gotten from the folks at DC Direct!