New iPhone/iPod Touch app from the NFB

Good news for iPhone/Touch-toting indie flick fans! Here’s the word from CNet

Like indie films? Documentaries? Animation? Ho, boy, have I got an app for you: NFB Films lets you watch over a thousand movies on your iPhone. For free.

The “NFB” stands for National Film Board, a kind of Canadian PBS. The app taps the NFB’s mammoth library of documentaries, animated films, trailers (for upcoming NFB releases), and more.

All the movies are streamed to your iPhone, but there’s also an ingenious “watch later” option that downloads a selected movie for later viewing. However, these downloads expire after 24 hours, not unlike App Store movie rentals, but that hardly seems unfair.

NFB Films includes a Channels section where you can browse various categories, including Documentaries, Kids Cartoons, History & War, and Environment. There’s a search option, natch, and you can add movies to a favorites (sorry, “favourites”) list for easier access.

If you come across a film you want to share with friends, the app lets you send an e-mail that includes a link to the Web version.

A while back I went to see 10 Oscar-nominated short films–five animated, five live-action. They were all tremendously entertaining. Since then I’ve been a lot more open-minded to non-mainstream movie fare like this. So for me, NFB Films is pure iPhone gold. I reckon you’ll love it, too.

To me, this is a pretty awesome move. The NFB’s catalogue has something for everyone no matter what your interest and having them all available for free might be one of the most surprising-yet-awesome moves any company has made for an app yet.

Doom: Resurrection coming to the iPhone/iPod!

Hey, everybody! Remember Doom?

For a while, it was everything in the world of video gaming, first-person  shooters, gore and virtual terror before it was eclipsed by bigger names and bigger games in the years to come. Then came the ill-fated (and ill-written…and ill-directed…) Doom movie, which pretty much made it official that the once-proud franchise was officially dead. But no more! No, there’s a new Doom game on its way and it’s taking on a whole new medium while maintaining the tested and true formula.

From the . .

Doom Resurrection, a new game in the legendary Mars/Hell-set first-person shooter series, is coming to Apple iPhones next week. The game uses “downsampled” art from the PC and console hit Doom III, but is an entirely new game, with new plot unfolding across eight new levels with around five hours of gameplay. It has already been described as “one of the true next-generation games on the iPhone.”

id Software’s John Carmack, creator of the Doom series and game graphics guru, has led a team at Escalation Studios to create Doom Resurrection, with Carmack saying the iPhone is “a real game platform, not a tiny little toy.”

Doom Resurrection runs at 30 frames-per-second on the latest Apple iPod Touch, half that on early Apple iPhones. “The iPhone should be better in performance than the Nintendo DS and the PSP,” Carmack told VentureBeat. “But you can’t exploit it all because of software inefficiencies.” Carmack is currently set to meet Apple to talk about improving the iPhone for games.

Carmack is also hoping to introduce features to the game post-launch to take advantage of Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0. These could include co-operative multi-player gaming.