New Ant Man Movie 2015 Poster Leaked at San Deigo Comic Con

Ant Man Mmovie Poster
Ok…it is not leaked….Marvel has revealed the first official Ant-Man image at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The concept illustration, starring Paul Rudd as the title character, has been designed especially for the four-day festival and released ahead of the studio’s hotly-awaited presentation on Saturday.

Andy Park’s artwork, hosted by Entertainment Weekly, gives fans a close-up of Ant-Man’s suit, a winged ant and the two leading actors in profile.

Production on Ant-Man should have started by now, but when director and co-writer Edgar Wright dropped out over creative differences after eight years on the project, a replacement had to be found.

Peyton Reed is now helming the movie, about a superhero who can shrink to minuscule size while increasing in strength and power.

Ant-Man, real name Scott Lang, stole the technology behind his miraculous suit from genius biochemist Dr Hank Pym so that he could indulge his thieving tendencies more easily. Nevertheless, his brave, world-defending side will be emphasised in the film.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in August, with Michael Douglas playing Pym, who invents a means of communication with tiny creatures.

Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson and Michael Pena also star in Ant-Man, set to hit UK cinemas on 17 July 2015.

MARVEL UNIVERSE: 2010 Wave 6 and 2011 Wave 1

TWO new waves of Marvel Universe 3.75-inch figures have arrived: the last of this year and the first of next year.

2010 Wave 6 includes:
Hawkeye (Dark Avengers)
Yellow Jacket with mini Antman
Iron Man 2020

And 2011’s first wave brings you:
Captain Marvel
Doc Sampson
World War Hulk
Iron Man
Spider-Man 2099