Where to buy Silly Bandz Online?

They are the hottest new products catching the attention of school children. Available in all shapes and colors, kids just can’t get enough of them, sending parents everywhere into frantic search mode. Clever parents might use them as bribery in return for good grades or chores. Perhaps you intend to use them as party favors or as a little gift to your nieces and nephews when you go home to visit. Whatever your reason for purchasing Silly Bandz, rest assured that there are a variety of suppliers eager to help provide you with your colored bracelet fix.

Most supermarkets, convenience stores, toy stores, and malls have Silly Bandz available for sale. The rubber bands’ ascent in popularity, however, have given rise to such demand that many stores quickly run out of the product. One novelty shop storeowner reported running out of the bracelets within a mere five hours of receiving them. Silly Bandz are on backorder in many locations. If you intend to buy these bands locally you may want to consider calling stores ahead of time to see who has them in stock and who doesn’t. Storeowners can also tell you when their next shipments are to arrive and even which Silly Bandz packs will be included in them. By calling ahead, you will save time driving from store to store in search of this coveted merchandise.

Another great resource for Silly Bandz seekers is the internet. Even if every store within 50 miles of you is sold out of the hot new accessories, you can always find them for sale online. You may want to go straight to the source to buy the unique bracelets. At Cmdstore.com, you can find all the different packs available at $4.95 to $5.95 per pack of 24. You can also buy it from Amazon. There are varieties of the bands on Amazon.

You can also get Silly bandz at some Walmart stores. Walmart hasn’t caught up with this trend yet. Since not all Walmart stores sell this band, you have to ask their sales associate (to save you time) to see if they sell the bandz.

What are Silly Bandz?

Silly Bandz are a brand of silicone rubber bands with shapes including animals, objects, and letters. They are distributed by BCP Imports and are generally worn as bracelets by middle school, highschool, and elementary students.

The toys come in dozens of shapes, colors, and themes, and can be used as a regular rubber band. On someone’s wrist, they look like a regular bracelet, and when taken off they revert to their original shape. They are often worn many at a time, like sleeves, and are traded like other collectibles.

Children playing with Silly Bandz wristbands

The idea was inspired by shaped silicone office products that were created with the hopes of being a green product. They did not work as companies did not want to spend that much on rubber bands. They were then made larger to fit as bracelets and re-branded as Silly Bandz by Robert Croak. The toys are sold in packs of 24 for about $4.95 to $5.95. A number of competing manufacturers make the product. BCP Imports, located in Toledo, Ohio, supplies Silly Bandz.

Silly Bandz were first sold on-line in November 2008 then gained popularity in Birmingham, Alabama stores in the fall of 2009 and were widespread across the south by October 2009. They then moved up the east coast of the United States, reaching New Jersey, Long Island, and Staten Island in November the same year. As of April 2010, Sillybandz sold the bracelets to 8,000 stores across the U.S., and seven spots on Amazon’s April 22 list of best-selling toys and games were occupied by the bracelets.

One parent attributed the toy’s success to being easily lost and broken, and said that, “If your friend has the princess kind, then you have to have the princess kind, too.” Seth McGowan, a toy industry analyst for Needham & Company, said it is refreshing that the “lowest of technologies” is appealing to children. Silly Bandz have been banned in many classrooms for being too distracting.

According to a Boston Globe article the bands are so popular (and distracting) that some area schools are taking action. In Milton, the principal of the lower school of the St. Mary of the Hills School asked students to stop wearing the bands after teachers reported that some kids were crying over lost bracelets or playing with the bands instead of listening in class.

The TOP selling Silly Bandz theme is:

Princess Shapes Silly Bandz:
The 24-Pack Princess Shapes includes: Tiara, Diamond Ring, Glass Slipper, Princess, Majestic Castle, Magic Wand. This pack has shapes in six assorted colors to be collected, worn, or traded with friends. They can be treated as traditional rubber bands and worn as bracelets but spring back into their original shape when not in use. Buy the Princess Shapes Silly Bandz for $4.95 now.

Rock Band Silly Bandz
The 24-Count Rock Bandz Shape Pack of colorful silicone bands includes Guitars, Rock Hands, Mic Stands, Drums, Jumping Rockers, and Rock. This pack has shapes in six assorted colors to be collected, worn, or traded with friends. They can be treated as traditional rubber bands and worn as bracelets but spring back into their original shape when not in use. Buy the Rock Band Silly Bandz for $4.95 now.

Spring Time Silly Bandz (it has been Retired/Discontinued):
The 24-Pack Spring Time Shapes includes: Butterflies, Bees, Tulips, Umbrellas, Kites, and Chicks. This pack has shapes in six assorted colors to be collected, worn, or traded with friends. They can be treated as traditional rubber bands and worn as bracelets but spring back into their original shape when not in use. Buy the Spring Time Silly Bandz for $5.95 now.

Fantasy Shapes Silly Bandz:
The 24-Pack Fantasy Shapes includes: Mermaids, Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Phoenix, and Genies. This pack has shapes in six assorted colors to be collected, worn, or traded with friends. They can be treated as traditional rubber bands and worn as bracelets but spring back into their original shape when not in use. Buy the Fantasy Shapes Silly Bandz for $4.95 now.

Where to Buy Silly Bandz

We got quite overwhelmed with the success of Silly Bandz even before we really knew what they were all about. Today they are the hottest product on the market for kids, and this is because they can’t only be used as toys, but they provide a nice and cool way for anyone to get closer with their friends. Kids are engaged in exchanging these nice little colored shapes with each other, and the one who has the coolest Bandz, is always the most popular kid in town. It is so popular in school that it has been banned in certain school districts because they have been a distraction.

One of the best things about these nice shapes is that they are made completely from rubber, and you don’t really have to worry about their durability since they are pretty sturdy. However, I have seen some break. They are designed for boys or for girls, and there are all types of wire shapes that you can get. Since the selection is so huge and variable you can get anything for anyone depending on their interests.

Silly Bandz Fun Shapes – 24 Pack – Get Them Here – Starting From $4.95

Basic Silly Bandz

These are basically just a nice packet of 24 different basic shapes. You will get anyhting ranging from a woman, to a dollar sign. Here is a complete list of the shapes that are included.

  • Woman
  • Dollar Sign
  • Bone
  • Heart
  • Sun
  • Star

If these aren’t enough for you then there are tons of other packages available, and I strongly suggest that for a kid, you get a few different ones since they are quite cheap – you will have a happy child with little costs.

3 Dozen GLOW IN DARK Stretchy Rubber Bandz Bands Jungle, Farm & Sea Life – Get Them Here – Only $4.95

Pet Silly Bandz

If you have a child that is really in to animals then this is something that you should get for them. Buying this will not only make them happy, but also give them something nice to learn from new animals of which they haven’t heard of before. It also develops their preceiverence since they can look at these small shapes and try to really figure out what animal is this! Here is what comes with the Pet Pack.

  • Turtle
  • Pig
  • Duck
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Rabbit

You can also get something more exotic if you purchase multiple animal packages. Remember that you can buy cheap silly bandz from amazon and in most cases you will get some sort of discount from the normal retail price.

24 Pack of Sea Creature Silly Bandz – Get Here Only $4.95

Sea Silly Bandz

This is a great extension to the animal package, since this way your child will also get all the sea creatures and thus play with them naturally in the water also! This will like the pet package help your kid to learn and identify shapes that are related to different sea creaturs. This is what you get if you buy Sea Silly Bandz Online:

  • Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Seals
  • Fish
  • Sea Horses
  • Penguins

In my opinion it is a great thing that they have also included a lot of animals from different parts of the world. Most kids don’t ever get to see dolphins, or penguins for that matter. This way they will learn how to recognize them earlier.

Silly Bandz Rainforest – 24 Pack – Get Them Here Only $4.95

Rainforest Silly Bandz

This package is a great addition to all the other Bandz that are on this page, since it completes the animal collection of any child If you are looking to get the best price for all of these silly bandz then I suggest you have a look at Amazon
for the best deals. In this rainforest rubber animal shape collection you will get 24 Bandz that come in the following shapes:

  • Geckos
  • Tree Frogs
  • Panthers
  • Gorillas
  • Toucans
  • Monkeys

These are all a little bit more exotic, and for your kids these are great to learn new animals, but also they are really interesting because they can use their imagination and think how these look in real life. If you are looking to buy Silly Bandz Online, then why not have a look here for the best prices!