Three brand-new Alien figures from NECA: Kane, Bishop, Dog Alien

It all started with the 1974 now-cult-classic Alien, wherein the sci-fi horror genre was totally revolutionized. Since then, scores of viewers the world over have been awed by the three films time and time again. Now, three essential characters from three different Alien movies can be yours, courtesy of NECA!

Bishop, Dog Alien and Kane are all seven inches tall and come in exclusive 35th anniversary clamshell packaging, whether you want to display your prizes or dig right into ’em. Kane in Nostromo Spacesuit is from 1979’s Alien, and comes in special 35th anniversary packaging. The android Bishop comes from James Cameron’s 1986 work Aliens, and features the likeness of actor Lance Henriksen. The long-awaited Dog Alien is from 1992’s Alien 3. Don’t miss out on this brand-new third series of Alien toys! Grab them all together to save your wallet some work, too.

Aliens exist.

Aliens exist.

Forget turning over couch cushions, let this Alien gobble up your quarters!

Diamond Select is bringing us one of sci-fi horror’s most recognizable kind of extraterrestrial, but in piggy-bank form! This eight-inch vinyl bust is based on the warrior-class xenomorphs from the famed 1974 classic Alien. There’s a bonus feature,  too  the coin slot and bottom access door are discreetly fashioned so this looks just like any other collectible bust. No one will ever know where you keep your emergency candy money! Awesome.


Paired with a artful sculpting detail and very tasteful paint scheme, it’s clear that your Alien fix won’t be had until you nab this guy.


This bank is eight inches tall and looks just like any high-quality, detailed bust.

This bank is eight inches tall and looks just like any high-quality, detailed bust.

Four new Predator figures from NECA as a teaser for the original film remake!

John McTiernan’s mythological 1987 sci-fi action film Predator sees an elite special forces team being hunted down by a race of otherworldly extraterrestrials in Central America. Initially eschewed by highbrow critics because of its “simplistic” plot, it’s since been revered, become a cult classic and appeared on numerous significant “best-of” lists. And, as no small feat, it has spawned an entire film franchise and two crossover Alien series movies. We like to think of it as the little sci-fi film that could, kind of like the cinematic version of van Gogh. Right? You get the idea.

NECA’s seven-inch figurines have been some of the most authoritative action figures to emerge as collectors’ must-haves, and so they continue fleshing out their line with four new additions for winter. First is the Bad Blood Predator from the Deluxe Series, a Yautja who has turned against his own kind. The Series 12 Elder Predator V2 is a distinguished Yautja warrior known for his leadership and battle prowess. The Bad-Blood captor and killer Enforcer Predator of Series 12 sports trademark silver armor. Finally, the Series 12 Viper Predator is the leader of the mercenary Serpent Clan and specializes in hunting Xenomorphs (and the occasional Bad Blood).

Considering that 20th Century Fox announced a remake of the original film earlier this year, Predator is more relevant than ever. Order them separately or snag a deal with our set of three Series 12 figures, pictured below. Your Predator collection can’t be complete without these guys!

The whole bloodthirsty-guerrilla-extraterrestrial thing is kind of endearing.

The whole bloodthirsty-guerrilla-extraterrestrial thing is kind of endearing.

Menacing Xenomorph Queen of Alien franchise fame in her most gargantuan size ever

The monster-lady of terror herself is here, brought to life based on the aesthetic of the 1986 cinematic wonder Alien. Featuring 30 points of articulation, as well as measuring over 30 inches in length and 15 inches tall, the Queen is totally ready to intimidate her foes. A poseable and moveable tail allow you to realize every thwack and swish of her intimidating form.

Because she’s made to scale with other Alien figurines made by NECA, she can be postured in the most lifelike of displays alongside your other Alien collectibles. What better way to toast the 35th anniversary of the legendary series? Order her in time for Christmas, as she’ll be available for pre-order come December.

35? Darling, you don't look a day over 26!

35? Darling, you don’t look a day over 26.

Prometheus’ DAVID 8

Weyland’s DAVID 8 joins the Prometheus figure collection from Neca. Perfectly capturing that strange blend of wide-eyed innocence and underlying malice, this figure stands about 6 inches tall and comes with an alternate head, plus a couple accessories. He’s a fantastic character from the divisive film and a great addition to any collection.