NECA presents the 8-Bit Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We’ll bet you’ve never seen Leatherface like this before. Channel your nostalgia for the delightfully terrifying Texas Chainsaw Massacre with this 8-Bit Leatherface from NECA’s Classic Video Game series. He may be seven inches tall and in three dimensions, but he looks like he just jumped out of the Atari 2600 way back in 1982.

Clad in the all-green kit seen in the now-super-rare side-scrolling gaming experience, Leatherface has over 25 points of articulation and comes with a real vinyl apron and chainsaw accessory. Paint deco effects allow him to stay true to the game aesthetic, and a collectors’ box is an homage to the original game cartridge. He’s a piece of history, to say the least, so click on the photo below and snap him up now!


All green everything.

NECA’s 1989 video-game Batman rides the 8-bit nostalgia wave

So what’s so special about how Batman looked in 1989? Well, besides the obvious fact that anything in 8-bit is infinitely more rad than whatever’s out there in the 21st century, this Batman was made especially to recall Michael Keaton’s performance in the iconic movie. It’s the sixth figure in NECA’s 8-bit video game character series, and we think it’s about time! Give the gift of nostalgia these holidays, wrapped in a seven-inch-tall package with 25 points of articulation.

He comes with a removable cape, a Batarang and a Spear Gun. Side-scroll away with a deco paint job that looks just like the original game’s cell-shaded aesthetic. A window box replicates the ’80s gaming feel and allows you to display Batman in a great-looking way. Nab him now.

Batman might look like he just stepped out of the '80s, but the caped hero's legacy is timeless.

Batman might look like he just stepped out of the ’80s, but the caped hero’s legacy is timeless.

Time-warp back to 8-bit gaming with NECA’s new 7-inch Batman

When was the last time you saw Batman in 8-bit? Soon you’ll be able to relive your vintage gaming memories with this NECA re-imagination based on the 1989 Sunsoft production Batman: The Video Game. It’s NECA’s first 7-inch figurine and the sixth in a series featuring retro 8-bit personages from Robocop to Freddy Krueger.

Combining Michael Keaton’s character in the Tim Burton movie and the video-game protagonist, this new Batman features 25 articulation points, spear gun and a fabric cape. A nostalgic window box completes this October release that will remind you of side-scrolling days gone by. Pre-order yours now to be among the first to take it all in.


Spear gun? Check. Retro-inspired paint job? Check. Ability to strike out bad guys with Chiropteran menace? Check, check, check.