Phantom Stranger

The blinged out PHANTOM STRANGER joins the DC Universe line as part of the Signature Collection and he looks awesome doing it. If you’re a fan of the character or looking to fill out the whole Universe on your display shelf (and who isn’t?), grab this as soon as you can! He features awesome articulation and sculpting, so we promise you couldn’t make a better choice.


Now this–this–is an awesome figure.

From Diamond Select and sculpted by the brilliant Art Asylum, here’s a brand new figure that makes up part of a highly collector-friendly action figure line. Featuring a cave and a Horta alien (from “Devil in the Dark”), this 7-incher features incredible detail, an amazing paintjob and enough articulation to satisfy those who like to put some action into their displays.

Infinite Crisis STARMAN

Please welcome STARMAN to the DC Universe Signature Collection roster!

He comes with an extra head, whose beard can only be described as “the burliest”, and stands about 6 inches tall. He’s part of the great Infinite Crisis collection from DC Direct and joins the likes of The Flash and Aquaman in this growing collection. If you haven’t already gotten a chance, you should definitely snag this guy now. He’s a character whose figures are few but whose legacy–to those who know him– is powerful.

Vancouver Canucks’ Roberto Luongo willing to waive no-trade clause

Roberto Luongo will be Traded

Article by Elliot Pap, Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER — Roberto Luongo said today he will waive his no-trade clause if Vancouver Canucks management feels this is the best move for the team.

Luongo, 33, has been the Canucks’ No. 1 goalie for six seasons but was replaced by 26-year-old Cory Schneider for the final three games of the playoffs. Luongo has 10 years and roughly $47 million remaining on his long-term contract. Schneider, meanwhile, is finishing a two-year deal in which he was paid $900,000 per season. He is in line for an extremely large raise.

“Yeah, of course, if they ask me to,” Luongo replied when queried about his appetite to waive the no-trade clause. “I don’t want to be one of those guys who is going to stand in the way of anything. I always want to put the team ahead of me. I don’t want to be one of those selfish guys.

“Obviously they have a guy here who is going to be a superstar in this league for the next 10, 12, 15 years so I’m okay with it. It is a business and that’s the way it goes. I’ve loved being here the last six years. If I’m here in the future, then great. If I’m not, that’s good also.”

Luongo said the next move is up to the team. He has already met with GM Mike Gillis and they plan to meet again.

“Even though I have a no-trade, it is not my decision,” Luongo continued. “It’s a very unique circumstance, I think, that we’re in where we have an elite young guy who is up and coming and is probably going to dominate the league for many years. So I’m not sure what I would do if I was GM.

“I’ve learned over the course of my career that things change quickly,” he added. “With anything, you don’t want to look too far ahead because life has a lot of curve balls.”

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As I have stated on this blog, I have met Roberto at the Keg in the Old Montreal, and he is a super classy down to earth guy.  We wish the best for Roberto where ever he goes.

NHL Hockey 6 Inch Action Figure Series 28 - Roberto Luongo White Jersey


SWAMP THING has come from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con and is ready to lumber into a place on your DC display shelf!

Perhaps best rendered by Alan Moore’s masterful writing, Swamp Thing is an iconic member of the DC Universe and it’s no surprise that DC Direct went with an exclusive for this year’s big bash. Not to mention the fact that the fans have been demanding a toy to do the green guy justice.

The toy itself is packages in a shipper box and comes in a paper pulp mold of Swamp Thing himself. He’s about 6 inches tall, comes with a base and features endoskeletal articulation so you don’t see a single joint, just sheer action figure perfection!


“The Godfather of Punk” Iggy Pop arrives as a 6-inch figure from the brilliant designers at NECA. It’s a figure the likes of which you can only expect from one of the higher-end specialty companies (NECA, McFarlane, Sideshow) and boasts some truly dazzling sculpting and detail. Seriously–from the wrinkles on his torso to the messiness of his hair to the unshaven face, it doesn’t get any more real than this at such a small scale. Really impressive and definitely something any Iggy Pop fan should get their hands on. He comes with a great display stand and mic so that he can properly rock the other figures off your display shelf.