Mini Sylvanas from World of Warcraft, a San Diego Comic Con exclusive!

After being murdered by the death knight Arthas, Sylvanas Windrunner is brought back to life as a “creature of undeath”, therefore stoking and stewing her otherworldly rage against Arthas. Proceeding to rebel against the kingly powers that be, she anoints herself leader of the Forsaken undead, living up to her mythical monikers “Dark Lady”, “Queen of the Forsaken” and “Banshee Queen”. An archetype of nebulous feminine power, Sylvanas is a crucial World of Warcraft persona. This rare, three-inch figurine is a 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, so it’ll be gone quick if you pass it over! Don’t miss out.

"You disgust me."

“You disgust me.”

Japanese re-imaginings of Decepticons Buzzsaw and Laserbeak

Buzzsaw, known for making eccentric works of art out of his victims, disemboweling them and regarding them as necessary casualties in the quest for global Decepticon victory. Scout and spy Laserbeak performs an essential role of support and back-up for Soundwave, and is an assassin keen on carrying out the agenda of the Decepticons to all corners of Planet Earth. As vital, clever members of the Transformers roster, they are “don’t-miss” characters.

And here, Buzzer and Laser are creative, third-party re-imaginings of the Transformers Buzzsaw and Laserbeak. These two figurines are conceptually based on the Transformers empire, but are original, across-the-Pacific designs by Japanese toy manufacturers PerfectEffect. Measuring three inches tall each, they’ll be an non-invasive yet standout addition to the toy assortment of any die-hard Transformers collector looking for unique and unconventional Decepticon-based figurines.

Buzzer and Laser are re-workings of classic Decepticons Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.

Buzzer and Laser are re-workings of classic Decepticons Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.