Lead the Ghost Company with Sideshow’s Premium Format Commander Cody

Calling all those set to war against the Dark Side — this new Star Wars and Disney figure is nothing short of amazing. Check out the Sideshow Premium Format Star Wars Militaries Commander Cody, who comes with DC-15 A Blaster Rifle cocked and ready to deliver a fatal blow to anyone who dares cross him.

This figure measures in at a whopping 18 inches, as close in scale to the real movie character as possible. The calculated leader of the 212th Battalion division is fierce and a force to reckon with here, and will be a “commanding” presence as the centrepiece of your Star Wars collection.

The Suite Life of Commander Cody.

The Suite Life of Commander Cody.

Complete your Pacific Rim collection with this light-up 1/4-scale Striker Eureka Jaeger

Re-live the on-screen machine wars of Pacific Rim with this exclusive, deluxe, 18-inch Striker Eureka! This Down-Under, Mark-5 Jaeger was designed specifically to defend the Australian coastline from the onset of kaiju aggression. Powered by the father-and-son team of Hercules and Chuck Hansen, the Striker Eureka eventually proves its worth by successfully taking out 11 kaiju.

Here, Striker Eureka is rendered in striking detail (pun definitely intended) in accurate 1/4-scale. The largest and heaviest Jaeger figure by NECA thus far, this guy comes to life with blue and red light-up LED features in his head and chest. The digital files used by ILM in the creation of the film were the inspiration for this Jaeger’s design, making him more realistic than ever. Generous articulation will let you re-create your favorite film moments. He’s in-stock now, so snap him up!

Definitely not striking out.

Definitely not striking out.

1/4 scale Heath Ledger Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight is available now

The late Heath Ledger’s Academy Award-winning performance in 2008’s Batman: The Dark Knight was nothing less than iconic. The Joker was quintessential in representing the themes of anarchy, chaos and escalation that were so key to The Dark Knight‘s eventual rise to legendary film status. Now, in stunning detail, comes this 18-inch, 1/4 scale Joker true to both Ledger’s cinematic appearance in the Dark Knight trilogy and DC’s collaborative imagining realized with Christopher Nolan.

NECA has stocked up this Joker offering with interchangeable hands and weapons accessories, including a knife, pistol and machine gun to foil Batman’s endeavours at every turn. The realistic rendering of the weaponry will definitely be a treat for avid collectors. Critics are already raving about the quality of this piece. Grab him today!


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