Two Face Harvey Dent Batman 12 inch Figure

Custom Two Face Harvey Dent 12 inch figure customized by Angelo D.


A new 13-inch Kingdom Come Superman figure has just been released by DC Direct and he looks incredible.

Part of DC Direct’s hugely-popular 1:6 scale collection, this figure is based on the work of artist Alex Ross, whose stunning, almost Rockwell-ian realism has become highly sought-after by Marvel, DC and a ton of other imprints and companies (non-comic-readers might even recognise his artwork from the opening credits of Spider-Man 2).

This figure in particular is based on the epic DC miniseries KINGDOM COME, wherein Superman is an older, wiser hero who stands alongside a world of heroes as their world is threatened by a force even the Man of Steel might not be able to defeat.

Packaged in a 4-colour window box, Superman features 28 points of articulation and makes an impressive, heroic addition to any collector’s toy shelf!

Batman The Dark Knight Action Figures

I’ve always been a huge Batman fangirl AND a lover of action figures, so it’s looking like June’s going to be an awesome month for me and the like-minded, with 2 new 13” figures and a repainted box set heading to our shelves at the online store

First up, we’ve got the DC Direct 13-inch Deluxe Classic Batman Figure (seen above!). Though darkness is the rule for most modern-day incarnations of the Dark Knight (barring The Brave and the Bold), it’s great to see this throwback to a time when the bat symbol had a yellow background and the cowl had angry eyebrows.

This incredible 13” Two-Face figure from Hot Toys and DC Direct is another stunner and it brings my favourite Batman villain to life with complete loyalty to Aaron Eckhart’s masterful portrayal of Harvey Dent in last summer’s The Dark Knight.

The Legends of the Dark Knight box set isn’t entirely new: the figures are repainted versions of existing figures, using a more sinister palette than the previous toys. Not exactly a swell deal for those who prefer to mod their own figures, but definitely something that’ll appeal to collectors.