The New 52 Superman gets the Real Action Heroes PX Exclusive treatment from Medicom

The next-best thing to the real thing is finally here. Check out this Real Action Heroes PX Exclusive New 52 Superman, priding itself on its as-close-to-real-as-possible production detail and aesthetic intricacy. Medicom Toy brings us this highly anticipated series of high-end collectibles, rendered in accurate 1/6 scale and featuring possibly some of the most posable figures you’ve ever seen.

Here, Superman assumes his New 52 look, premiered with the re-launch of DC’s finest heroes in 2011. A costume redesigned by Jim Lee takes centre stage here, and the Man of Steel stands 12 proud inches tall to recall some of your favorite comic-book memories. Click on the photo below to order him now!

*Soulja Boy voice* Superman that...

*Soulja Boy voice* Superman that…

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want: Diamond Select Toys and The Nightmare Before Christmas collaborate

Halloween is just a few days away, and so what better way to get ready for the darkest of days than with spooky lovers Jack and Sally? The cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas gets new life with these 12-inch figures from Diamond Select Toys, celebrating the stop-motion animation masterpiece over 20 years after its inception.

Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally are still crazy for each other after all this time, clothed in real fabric costumes and featuring fully articulated bodies. These figures were designed in Japan and are limited to a run of 1,000, and their special coffin-shaped box packaging makes them a hot collectors’ piece. Order them now!

Halloween on Christmas.

Halloween on Christmas.

Commando’s John Matrix is here via Hot Toys

When the Schwarzenegger film Commando hit theatres in 1985, it was an instant success. And now, 30 years later, it remains a cult classic among fans of Arnold and action comedies alike. So what better way to celebrate such an iconic movie experience than with a brand-new offering from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys?

The one-man army of John Matrix is featured here in sixth-scale and 12-inch format, showcasing a newly developed head sculpt with warpaint along with muscular torso detail, tailored costume and weapons accessories. His array of battle accoutrements set him apart, and action geeks will totally love all of the weapons options that John comes with.

Order him today!

I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alleyway.

I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alleyway.

Mezco’s Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg in a brand-new outfit!

He looks like an adorably stoic dad on his way to the hardware store, doesn’t he? Well, we all know that he’s actually one of our favorite TV masterminds, Walter White himself. Here’s an incarnation of his alias in 12-inch format. The Mezco Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg looks totally spiffy with a new outfit — check out the crease in those trousers!

Sartorial excellence aside, we’re sure you’ll be more than content when you add this new figure to your Breaking Bad collection. Hey, if anything, it’s a way to justify those hours you spent streaming AMC to your significant other.

Breaking Dad.

Breaking Dad.

’90s French house lives on through Medicom’s Daft Punk figures

This is an exquisite arrival for dance music heads “around the world”! Pay homage to two seminal figures of the French house genre with these Real Action Heroes figures of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter (pictured) and Guy-Manuel
de Homem-Christo
. Medicom has rendered these guys in 12-inch format with their signature gold, silver and black helmets re-created in impeccable detail.

Whether you’re time-traveling back to the late ’90s and the DJ’s spinningHomework or tearing up the dance floor in the 21st century to Random Access Memories, these guys will make you want to start a revolution of the 909 variety.

When he's ugly cute so he shows up to the function with a mask

When he’s ugly cute so he shows up to the function with a mask

Re-live Avengers: Age of Ultron with the Movie Masterpiece Captain America

Keep basking in the awesomeness of Avengers: Age of Ultron with this Movie Masterpiece Captain America from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. Standing 12 inches tall, Steve Rogers is sturdy and powerful as the war veteran bent on bringing justice to humanity by helping defeat the malicious Ultron.

He looks just like actor Chris Evans with his new, helmeted head sculpt. A magnetic Captain America shield with retractable handles is the figurative icing on the cake. And as a bonus, this will prep your excitement for Captain America: Ciivil War, too!



Star Wars fans, get ready for the Sideshow and Hot Toys Stormtroopers two-pack

A lot of important stuff happened in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope — the attempted destruction of the Death Star, the whole Luke Skywalker-droid fiasco and saving the Galactic Empire as a whole, of course. And since nothing says “epic ’70s space opera” like a couple of Stormtroopers, we thought we’d bring you this new Sideshow and Hot Toys offering that’ll be sure to become the centre of your Star Wars collection.

This next installment in the Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale series is truly awesome. Here we have two enforcers of the Galactic Empire with different heights, just as the non-clone soldiers appear on the big screen. Detailed armor and helmets, weapons and a figure stand exclusive to this set are stand-out features. They measure approximately 12 inches tall. Snap yours up today!

Quiet Storm(troopers).

Quiet Storm(troopers).