Marvel Legends Sasquatch Series in STOCK

So….we got in a small shipment of the new Marvel Legends Deadpool wave (which has the Sasquatch Build-a-Figure).   PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS….if you placed the order early from us….we will ship it out immediately.  Priority is given to customers who placed their orders early.

Don’t place a recent new order and expect to be pushed ahead of the line.  If you order early, you will get it first.  Very simple and fair.   If you don’t like it, then please don’t order it.  We don’t want to hear people whine about why their order has not shipped when they are in the back of the line.

Oh yea…almost forgot….GO CANADA GO!

Deadpool Wave  (4).jpg

Deadpool Wave  (6).jpg

Deadpool Wave  (5).jpg