New line of busts based on Batman: The Animated Series premieres with Batman himself

Batman’s proudly looking off into the distance, seemingly lost in thought . . . is he planning his next move to foil the Joker? Thinking about taking the Batmobile in for a tune-up? Wondering if Domino’s will deliver to the Batcave? Get pensive with Gotham City’s favorite hero with this six-inch Batman bust from Diamond Select Toys. The design is based on the aesthetic we saw in Batman: The Animated Series throughout the golden days of the ’90s.

He’s only one of several resin bust depictions of all of your most cherished characters from the TV series. The Caped Crusader’s arms are crossed in an assertive position atop an art deco base, and he comes packaged in a full-color box complete with a certificate of authenticity. This is one of Steve Varner Studios’ greatest sculptures yet! Grab it now.

New sculpt who dis?

New sculpt who dis?


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