0 to T-800 real quick: Here’s the Terminator 2 Deluxe Series Ultimate T-800

The look on his face could send a chill down your spine. Enemies better look out. But as for you, you can check out this Terminator 2 Deluxe Series Ultimate T-800 figure by esteemed toymakers NECA, sure to be the next centrepiece of your toy horde. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness is replicated here in accurate detail. Seven inches of the future machine pay homage to the 1991 film, all wrapped up nicely in window-box packaging.

Over 25 points of articulation and three interchangeable heads mean this figure is as dynamic as it is fierce-looking! And he wouldn’t be set without his weapons, toting along a minigun, ammo bag, ammo belt, grenade launcher, shotgun and pistol. Order him up now!

0 to T-800 real quick.

Black is so in for fall.