A Transformers exclusive: Reserve your Combiner Wars Deluxe Class figures!

CmdStore is excited to announce two special, early-release figures from Hasbro — Quickslinger (shown below) and Brake-Neck!

Don’t let his mental complacence fool you, because what Brake-Neck lacks in intellectual prowess, he makes up in courage and speed. Ready to transform into that tell-tale white cruiser, he’s about to join the ranks of the Combiner Wars battle and rev up for crushing foes and taking names. The Cybertron native Quickslinger does exactly what her name implies, being a veritable force to reckon with inside the ranks of the Autobots.

Both figures stand six inches tall, ideal for joining your other Transformers Generations toys. Don’t let your collection go incomplete!

Quickslangin' rocks.

Quickslangin’ rocks.