Jump in your 16-bit time machine to the ’90s with this NECA Sega Genesis Predator

Channel all of that side-scroll goodness with this new offering from NECA — this new Sega Genesis Predator 2 16-bit figure. Arena Entertainment’s 1991 release has gone down in video-gaming history as a classic and seminal work of the gaming canon. Re-visit those fond childhood memories of hunting down enemies and rescuing hostages, recalling the epic battle between you, the Predator and the Elder (if you were skilled enough to get that far, of course!)

This figure stands seven inches tall and comes beautifully packaged in NECA nostalgia style. The box’s design itself will make it irresistible — you’ll just have to show it off. Order the Predator now!

Somebody come get him. He's fighting with the Elder.

Somebody come get him. He’s fighting with the Elder.