Hey, puddin’! Check out this Fantasy Figure Gallery Harley Quinn statue

Harley Quinn fans are about to be in for a real treat. We are excited to introduce this 10-inch statue featuring the likeness of supervillain Dr. Harleen Quinzel, The next installment in the DC Comics Collection Fantasy Figure Gallery, the Joker’s first lady is dressed to thwart and dismember. We see her in her signature black, white and red ensemble perched atop a giant ball and confidently holding her trademark mallet in her right hand at the ready, lest anyone cross her.

Collectibles manufacturer Yamato has given us something truly special with this one, so don’t miss out on it. Sculpted by Shin Tanabe and based on the incredible artwork of Luis Royo, this gorgeous Harley Quinn statue was made with care.

"Pleased to meetcha!"

“Pleased to meetcha!”