Star Wars fans, get ready for the Sideshow and Hot Toys Stormtroopers two-pack

A lot of important stuff happened in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope — the attempted destruction of the Death Star, the whole Luke Skywalker-droid fiasco and saving the Galactic Empire as a whole, of course. And since nothing says “epic ’70s space opera” like a couple of Stormtroopers, we thought we’d bring you this new Sideshow and Hot Toys offering that’ll be sure to become the centre of your Star Wars collection.

This next installment in the Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale series is truly awesome. Here we have two enforcers of the Galactic Empire with different heights, just as the non-clone soldiers appear on the big screen. Detailed armor and helmets, weapons and a figure stand exclusive to this set are stand-out features. They measure approximately 12 inches tall. Snap yours up today!

Quiet Storm(troopers).

Quiet Storm(troopers).


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