Juri is the crowning jewel of Kotobukiya’s Street Fighter bishoujo statue figure collection

The powerfully beautiful Juri is next in line in Kotobukiya’s Street Fighter bishoujo series, after Cammy and Chun Li. In this nine-inch statue figure offering, she is an ethereal vision, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the most cutthroat of warriors. Balanced on one foot with the other raised in anticipation of delivering a swift kick to anyone who may need it, Juri is strong and lovely.

She sports billowing trousers with cutout sections, a wide sash belt, unattached sleeves with fingerless gloves and her distinctive chest harness painted in complementing tones of black and royal purple. What stands out about this statue figure is its remarkable detail, from threading effects in her sash to rivets on her harness. Pick up this work by sculptor Masahiro Takahashi in accurate 1/7 scale today.

Purple Pain.

Purple Pain.


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