Complete your Pacific Rim collection with this light-up 1/4-scale Striker Eureka Jaeger

Re-live the on-screen machine wars of Pacific Rim with this exclusive, deluxe, 18-inch Striker Eureka! This Down-Under, Mark-5 Jaeger was designed specifically to defend the Australian coastline from the onset of kaiju aggression. Powered by the father-and-son team of Hercules and Chuck Hansen, the Striker Eureka eventually proves its worth by successfully taking out 11 kaiju.

Here, Striker Eureka is rendered in striking detail (pun definitely intended) in accurate 1/4-scale. The largest and heaviest Jaeger figure by NECA thus far, this guy comes to life with blue and red light-up LED features in his head and chest. The digital files used by ILM in the creation of the film were the inspiration for this Jaeger’s design, making him more realistic than ever. Generous articulation will let you re-create your favorite film moments. He’s in-stock now, so snap him up!

Definitely not striking out.

Definitely not striking out.


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