Sideshow’s Premium Format Queen of the Court of the Dead is ghastly and gorgeous

Gethsemoni is named after the garden where Christ was betrayed, and this kind of eerie, ancient allusion completely suits her. Quite literally being the spawn of Death itself, Gethsemoni rests in her spiral tower as the dark “Eve” of the Underworld. The political structure of this universe deems her worthy of ruling as the grand Queen over the Court of the Dead, an assembly of macabre-willed entities who are set on their tri-fold objective of “Rise, Conquer, Rule”.

If you like spooky stuff and death and maybe also really artistic and detailed deluxe Sideshow statues, this lady is for you. Reigning from 21 inches top-to-bottom, Gethsemoni’s gray pallor and merlot lips render her both elegant and almost spectre-like.