All mechanical muscle: Pacific Rim and Sideshow’s Striker Eureka statue

Most people would agree that when your entire continent is under attack from a gigantic monster, you should probably build another gigantic monster to fight it. Right? That’s exactly what Striker Eureka from Pacific Rim was slated to accomplish, with the added bonus of it being the last Jaeger constructed and the only Mark-5 Jaeger ever. All the stops were pulled out for this dude in the movie, and so Sideshow has done the same with this 19-inch deluxe statue figure.

The Skyscraping Soldier of Australia is ready to slice through both bone and steel with Sting-Blades. As this statue was crafted as a collaboration between award-winning director Guillermo del Toro and Sideshow Collectibles, the Striker Eureka looks like it just stepped out of the silver screen. Behold his intricately designed armor and paint deco, underscored by red and blue LED light-up features. Get your hands on this gorgeous statue before it’s too late!

Kaijus are no match for this big boy.

Kaijus are no match for this big boy.


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