The valiant Vixen is next DC Comics Cover Girl

Here’s a bit of comic-book history for you — Vixen was intended to be the very first African superheroine to take center stage in her own DC Comics series, but regretfully the first issue was canceled due to the late-’70s DC implosion. Regardless, Ms. Vixen has already made her mark on the DC continuum, and she finally got to star in her own limited series in 2008.

From combating poachers in India to going undercover to capture a drug kingpin, Vixen is not one to shrink back. Celebrate her awesomeness with this nine-inch statue, featuring her beautiful golden garb and a pose that shows she’s ready to pounce. Designed by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and Sam Greenwell, this Vixen needs you to hurry up — she’ll only be available in a limited run of 5,200.

Don't be fooled. These claws are sharp.

Don’t be fooled. These claws are sharp.