More Combiner Wars! Transformers Generations Legends Class Huffer and Blackjack now in

One of five classes introduced by Hasbro as part of the re-set Transformers Generations series, the Legends Class is as thrillingly epic as the name suggests. Wave one knocked our socks off, so we’re pretty hyped for the second.

Huffer is an Autobot construction engineer and proud utterer of the motto, “Molecular structure is the key to success.” (I mean, Mom always told me that it was staying in school, but I guess molecular structure works, too.) And the inimitable Blackjack is the clever jock-type of the pack — like players of the card game he’s named after, he’s always got an extra card up his sleeve. That’s what makes him an invaluable asset of the Sports Car Patrol.

Because we think you’re cute, we’ve packaged the two together (shown below) at a special price. Nab ’em while you can!

Good things come in twos.

Good things come in twos.