Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends wave five is on

We sold out of our last collection of Star Wars Rebels figures pretty quick, so you can imagine how exciting it is that the latest wave of figures in the series is coming straight for you! Featuring key characters from the franchise in 3.75-inch format, the Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends will round out your collection in the perfect way.

Collect the AT-AT Driver, TIE Fighter Pilot, AT-DP Driver, Commander Gree, Plo Koon and Jedi Temple Guard like it’s nobody’s business. With an eclectic mix of animated and realistic characters, Hasbro has clearly shot for the stars (pun definitely intended) with these guys.

Don’t forget to grab all six (pictured below) together for a special package price.

(Psst! We also have select figures from wave four — Storm Trooper SL01, Ezra Bridger SL02 and The Inquisitor SL03 — and wave six — Lando, Han Solo and Luke.)

The Saga continues.

The Saga continues.