Get ready for this massive Pacific Rim Otachi Kaiju to stomp through

NECA has brought us the latest addition to their highly praised line of Pacific Rim figures, and this one’s a definite doozy. Measuring over 18 inches long, this is a toy that pays real homage to the real on-screen size of the kaijus. The great thing is that Otachi still measures seven inches tall, meaning that he’ll fit right in next to your other figures based on the movie. You can re-create all of your favorite scenes and more with this Otachi Kaiju!

And why wouldn’t you, considering how epic this fatal, Category IV kaiju really is? Not only can he fly, but he can let forth a corrosive stream of toxic acid from his own mouth, reducing the cityscape and Jaeger armor to a puddle. Appropriately enough, he thus comes with an interchangeable tongue to accommodate a sculpted jet of acid. 30 points of articulation attest to his dynamic ability, too, so you don’t want to delay when it comes to this dude.

Fly high, Otachi Kaiju.

Fly high, Otachi Kaiju.


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