Gorgeous Marvel Jubilee bishoujo statue, designed by Kotobukiya

Possibly the only mutant who can pull off both incredibly cute and incredibly ferocious, Wolverine’s trusty sidekick Jubilee definitely deserves a beautiful statue rendering all her own. And she’s come a long way from being a mall runaway on the pages of the 1989 X-Men comic, eventually becoming the youngest member of the X-Men. Jubilee also went through the crazy ride of turning the world upside down with her pyrotechnic capabilities, only to be de-powered and then turn into a vampire. Phew! We’ll be lucky if our lives are half as exciting.

She is next in the series of Marvel bishoujo figures, released in partnership with renowned Japanese designer toy manufacturer Kotobukiya. Based on a new illustration by master artist Shunya Yamashita, this version of Jubilee is aesthetically stunning in an updated costume. Jubilee, standing seven inches tall, is sculpted by Gotaro Takeuchi from Atelier Bamboo in such a way that’ll make you think that she’s about to release an intense show of pyro plasmoids. Scoop up this “rad” (hey, she is an ’80s kid) statue now!