Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie is poised for attack

The 2005 Japanese animated science fantasy film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was an important step in the Final Fantasy franchise, and obviously a big deal for longtime fans of the gaming series. Set in the universe introduced in the now-classic 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children has it all — mysterious kidnappings, an insidious disease and the heroes needed to make everything right again.

One of those heroes is the lion-like beast Red XIII. Tasked with defending the planet against those determined to take it down, he battles ferociously and protects unceasingly. Square Enix has released this guy as the next installation in their Play Arts Kai line, standing five inches tall and caught in mid-roar. The figures in this line feature generous articulation and mind-blowing detail. Feast your eyes upon Red XIII and purchase him to have as your own.

He clearly gave Katy Perry the idea for "Roar".

He clearly gave Katy Perry the idea for “Roar”.