Masters of the Universe Ninja Warrior sneak-attacks!

Fewer beings are more stealth than the Ninja Warrior. He’s so mysterious that his real name is unknown, as he floats in a sinister fashion through the world as we know it. He’s Skeletor’s right hand with his swift and nimble nunchuck skills, summoned from an otherworldly place by a spell of light to fill the hallowed, dreadful role. Tasked with the systematic elimination of the Heroic Warriors with the goal of dismantling He-Man’s army, he wants nothing more than to render Eternia defenseless. But the dastardly double agent “Ninjor” secretly reports back to his true master, Horde Prime, to figure out ways to exploit Skeletor’s weaknesses.

How can one Ninja Warrior be so villainous?! This six-inch figure comes masked with an alternate unmasked ponytail head, alternate belt, nunchucks, samurai sword, bow and quiver of arrows to aim at any threats. Stay out of his way, or face him head-on… if you dare.

P.S. We’ve got the Snake Armor He-Man & Battle Armor King Hsss two-pack, too!

"I'm not a killer, I nunchuck a lot."

“I’m not a killer, I nunchuck a lot.”